OMG !!! I got this for $5.00

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  1. Hi everyone ,during a brief phone call to my mom during my lunch period (I'm a teacher) my mother told me she had a dream of her cleaning up poop of the floor in my house .. lol (in my mothers culture when you dream of poop it's a good dream) it means a lot of money is coming your way . We laughed at the dream and the way she told me she was how it was soooooo much to pick up . I went across the street and purchased a scratch off lottery ticket for $5.00 and low and behold when I finished scratching off the ticket I saw that I won 1500.00 WOW ! . After work I went to claim my winnings that happens to be 3 blocks away from my LV boutique and guess what I got !!!
    Something I never imagined I'd ever get .. And I'm in Love !
  2. Oh wow! That's so awesome, I wish I would ever win anything with scratch offs!!! Excited to see what you got...
  3. This is so cool!!!
    What did ya get???
  4. Wow!!! Who would have ever thought poop could be good luck :giggles: congrats!!! And let's see what you got!!!
  5. OMG that's so awesome! What'd you get, what'd you get???
  6. That's so awesome!! Let's see it!! :smile:
  7. lol!

  8. This is such an interesting culture! I love hearing about other cultures! So lucky! Can't wait to see what you got!
  9. image-318384013.jpg

    Please welcome my New Totally GM !
  10. Congratz & enjoy!:balloon:
  11. Congrats!! That's great!!
  12. Congrats
  13. Awesome congratulations!!! On your winning ticket and your new five dollar LV bag!!! It just doesn't get better than that.
  14. It's funny because I started using it already compared to my 4 Kusama Speedys I purchased last week . Maybe because this one only cost me $5.00 lol I can't stop laughing !
  15. wow, great! congrats!!!