OMG I got the Gucci chain hobo!!!

  1. :smile:A few weekends ago I bought the Marc Jacobs stam which I had liked for a while. Anyway it sat in my wardrobe and I didn't use it and I decided I maybe didn't like it as much as I thought. Anyway my mum said she didn't like it so I decided to take it back. I took it back to Selfridges and nearly bought a Miu Miu coffer but thought I would have a look around upstairs first.

    Anyway I nearly died as I had asked downstaris on the Gucci handbag bit the week before if they had the chain hobo and they said they had sold out and only had the monogrammed one. Anyway on the Gucci shoe bit where they also have some bags they had a black one in medium. It was £655 and it was the last one they had. I immediately loved it and when I came to pay it turned out it had been reduced to £329!!! I was thrilled.

    It is the most gorgeous bag, so lightweight and lovely leather and it so comfortable to wear. Also my mum loves it as she says it is understated and elegant. With the change I bought some clothes too. I am so glad I took the Stam back, I know many people love it but it just wasn't me, I found it too cumbersome and the chain a nuisance. I am so happy I got the Gucci.

    I will post pics later.

    By the way why do you love your chain hobos? And also does the gold hardware rub off and turn silver?
  2. congratsssssssssss!!! and dont worry about the gold wearing off...i had the monogram one and i wore it outtttttt (rain, shine nad even snow) and it still looked good ;)
  3. OMG - what a DEAL!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Pics??? :nuts:
  4. Will take some in a min!
  5. What a great deal congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. That's a GREAT deal! Congrats!
  7. Wow congrats on the great deal!!!
  8. Oh what a great deal. I cannot wait to see your pictures!
  9. How much is that in US dollars?
  10. congrats on your purchase =]
  11. that's an awesome deal! can't wait to see the pictures :smile:
  12. congrats congrats! great deal!!!
  13. It's about $660! I will take pictures tomorrow, I had to return my laptop today to my school and picked up the new one from my new school and have spent all evening trying to work out how to connect it to our wireless network, I also had meet the teacherth night at school which was very boring so I am knackered! Will post them tomorrow after school I promise!
  14. Congrats on such a great deal:tup:

    Can't wait to see pics :yes:
  15. Great deal! Congrats!