OMG! I got the call for the Water Color...Not sure if it is correct..

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  1. <----wishing and hoping it's the VVN, which means early release !!!
  2. precious-guicci where are you!!!
  3. Hope to see the pics! Hey, I'll be attending the TPF meet tomorrow. I'll be there at the LV Boutique at 10:00 AM. Can't wait to meet everybody! Will you be bringing this new LE LV?
  4. I got the update...It was the exotic pap....*sigh* I did not sleep until 5 in the morning last night because it was hoping that it might be the VVN pap.....ARGH!!!!! Anyways, my SA is telling me how hard it is to get the exotic pap and I should take...but I dont like it. I am still deliberating. My gut feelings tell me not to get it...besides, i like the exotic speedy better.
  5. PLEASE post a pic as soon as you get it!
  6. dont get it if you dont love it!
    LV = LVOE not LV = eh!
  7. should not get a bag you dont really like....but do you think maybe it could grown on you in time?
  8. I think so too.
  9. I think it could grow on me but it is quite expensive. So I think I should stick with the VVN pap better. I could throw it around without being worry.
  10. throw it, like "HERE, CATCH!"
    to me:woohoo::woohoo: cause im wide open!
  11. OMG

    the very exact thing has happened 2 me

    ** SA is quite new to LV and still a trainee
    my SA called me and was like water color PAP is here and there is ONLY `1 piece .. i was like Oh thaaaaaaanks for reserving it 4me ( in the 1st on the list) ... then she mentioned its a pap but expensive (wondering why?).. i asked her: how expensive? SA: 14,100 AED ($3900) :wtf:

    me: it has RED croc handles right?
    SA: aha yeah
    me * reliefed* LOOOL .. aaaaaaah this is the exotic . . im looking for the non exotic :biggrin: ...
    she rechecked her database and confirmed its coming in a few weeks and release date is May1st .. YAAAAAAAY

    cant wait .. 18 days 2 go
  12. Can't wait to hear an update!
  13. Well, I was nieve enough to even wish that it was the VVN pap..lost my sleep over it (didnt sleep until 5 A.M.). I am so mad at my SA, please be clear about what is in. But I do appreciate the call though. I not only didnt sleep, I couldnt even concentrate on my work all day since I recieved the call. Hey, i cant blame anyone else for my obsession could I??
  14. Can't decide if it's a "hard sell" tactic ("It's hard to get. I have one for YOU!") or a considerate phone call. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't get it. I'm on the WL for the vvn pap too. I don't even like the exotic that much, it's not really round enough to be a pap, just a pap cousin IMO. As for your obsession, p-g, isn't it nice to share with those who understand? Roll on May 1st!!