OMG! I got the call for the Water Color...Not sure if it is correct..

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  1. I could not believe it!! I got the call from my SA that my Water Colour Papillon is in and I could pick it up any time. I was like "huh???" I thought the water colour papillon was not to be released until May1st. I asked her again, "Are you sure??? Is it for the Water Color Papillon?" and she replied yes. I was on the WL for the Water Color Papillon (not the exotic). I was with a client so I did not want to look so obsessed over a bag and wanted to maintain my profession image so I did not ask the SA any further questions. All I said was I will be there to pick it up tomorrow. I wondered if she meant for the exotic pap? I hope not but it could be the case. I will call her again tomorrow to verify. Did anyone get a call???

    If it is for the Water Colour Papillon, should I get it or wait until I get the Speedy and see which one I like more. I like the color of the pap but the size is small for me. I thought the pap and the VVN speedy will come at the same time so I could decide. Please help me decide.....should I get it???
  2. Wow, that is amazing news. I was waitlisted for the exotic watercolor speedy and the VVN watercolor papillon. I only got the call for my speedy two days ago, and my SA had no information at all about the vvn papillon. She is still under the impression that they will be released no earlier than May 1st, but maybe some stores have them early.

    Please post pics if you decide to get it. I had the same fears as you, that the papillon might be too small.
  3. i would probably lean toward it being the exotic they called you for. my store is still saying may 1st. but after all this hoopla over this season, i don't know what to think anymore lol.
  4. thanks for sharing this info! wow, i can't believe they might be arriving so soon. do post pics if you decide to get the bag. :flowers:
  5. btw, which LV gave you the call? are you located in the USA?
  6. Well, keep us updated. That's really good news if you can get it earlier.
  7. Southcoast Plaza LV (in California) called me. I wished I could have asked my SA if she was really sure but my client was with me so I just have refrain myself. After the call, all I wanted to do was to kick my client out of the car so I could drive to LV but I was stuck with the client and was driving around working until 9 P.M.. I wanted to call LV to verify but it was closed by then. Argh...a sleepless night for me. Just hope it's not the exotic pap.
  8. I don't want to be a party pooper but I strongly believe it's the exotic.
  9. Okay. Then I wont loose my precious sleep tonight then. *sigh*
  10. Tick Tock there goes the clock.....I am going insane waiting till 10 A.M tomorrow to call my SA to verify. I think although I think my SA called me mistakenly for the exotic water color pap, I still wish that maybe there is a slight chance it's the VVN pap.
  11. Probably an exotic that someone else decided they didn't want, I am number #1 on my stores list, and I when I spoke with my GM today about some upcoming events, there was no mention
  12. I hope this is true! I'll love to see this!
  13. ^^ LOL! :lol: :roflmfao:
  14. waiting for news....
  15. Well any updates?! lol