OMG i got that moofia jacket for $35

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  1. lol. hey people who live near glendale galleria you guys should check macy's. there are lots of tokidoki and harajuku lovers clothing in the clearance section. I found the moofia jacket for like 50 dollars and after coupons and stuff it became 35!! it was like the best deal ever. all the tokidoki clothing is running out though... i got the last one! i think. anyways im soooo happy :]
  2. Congrats that's a sweet deal!! :yahoo:
  3. OMG - that IS an awesome deal ! :yes:
  4. congrats! wear it in good health. pics?
  5. amazing! congrats!
  6. some pics pls !
  7. ooo...congrats!!! how lucky :girlsigh:
  8. damn what a lucky find, congrats.
  9. lucky lucky find!! congras :heart:
  10. OMG you are soooo lucky! I just ordered the same one from JapanLA! I'm sure they didn't have my size though. :crybaby:My sis and cousins live in LA and I really need to get down there and go shopping!
  11. Awesome deal!
  12. WOW! that IS a very good deal...i havent been to macys for a while n decided to check out burbank macys today...but i forgot to check out the clothing dept though...