OMG!! I got scammed on a JCrew Coat!!!

  1. I bought this sold out coat on eBay because JCrew was sold out of my size, a 10 ... I bought an 8 at the store so I know how an 8 fits ... I rec'd this coat today and the seller cut off part of the hang tag but you can still see that it says an 8 and the inner tag looks RESEWN! :wtf: I am FUMING :cursing:
  2. Surely that qualifies as significantly not as described! Smart how they concealed the size tag with the store label in the photos. If I was you I'd be trying to get a refund because that is just stupid money for coat that doesn't even fit.
  3. She just emailed me back and said to return it for a refund and that she "doesn't know how this happend ... her BF does the shipping , blah blah blah ..." ... WHATEVER! it is going back today!
    She even had the nerve to try and sell me a different coat :wtf: She must think I am STUPID
  4. Yes . . . because her bf 's going to take the time to switch it out with the size 8 coat he's been hiding in his closet resew the tags.
  5. Just make sure you send it back with tracking
  6. ^^^Absolutely!! I will get signature confirmation also! I also took pics of all the tags too .... you can see where it is double stitched :cursing: Unbelievable.
  7. I wonder why she would do that? Wouldn't an 8 sell just as well as a 10? Weird. Sorry it happened to you.
  8. Actually, the size 10 WAS harder to find ... I did find an 8 still in the stores but the 10 was already sold out .... maybe she was getting lots of inquiries for size 10's and decided to try and cash in ???
  9. It never ceases to amaze me, what people will do....I've heard of a ton of scams but this doesn't make sense. I guess trying to apply my rational, ehtical mind to an irrational, unethical situation is futile! In any case, I hope you get every penny back!