OMG! I got offered something!!! But....

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  1. I just got offered something from Hermes!!! Never have I thought in a million years I would be offered something, especially I've only bought a few small items. I mentioned how beautiful and understated the Kelly Dogs to my SA as opposed to the CDC, while I still like both the KD and CDC.

    The problem though is, the KD is black in phw. My dream KD or CDC is in black my heart pounded when she said I have a KD IN phw :sad:.

    I mean, I still wear silver hardware especially silver rings, but I feel things are so much more luxurious with ghw. Should I get the KD? I mean, I still like phw, and I'm sure it won't be my last Hermes item, but I just wish I could paint it gold haha!

    On the flip side, I am so excited I got called for the first time because Hermes truly makes me giddy unlike LV. The service is spectacular and I just can't rave enough about Hermes.

    So...what should I do? Buy the KD in black phw? Does it matter if I mix gold and silver hardware if I wear like a gold ring, gold necklace, and a silver KD?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Those calls are so darn exciting but don't buy for any other reason than-- YOU love the piece. A KD is a fabulous bracelet. Have you tried one on? They run smaller than a CDC. Go check in out and you will know the answer when you put it on your wrist. Good luck.
  3. Congratulations dear! I will wait if I were you, KD is not that hard to come by, I have got myself and my friend two black with ghw KD in two days from my local store. So if you are not sure if you will like it, just wait for the right one :smile:
  4. Wait for what you really want. don't waste your money just because that's what your as called you on. Now a really good SA would find what you that's a call I would take action on.
  5. wait for the ghw. I'm more into gold than silver too and if I were you I would wait
  6. The ph is beautiful, the gh is beyond! Wait for it!
  7. Wait for what you want! Don't settle, not at these price points :smile:
  8. For me phw or ghw are both must have collection
    Mix n match outfit daily purpose
    Buy only if u like
    Go to store Try it out
    C wat ur heart n mind tell u
  9. You can wait until your dream items appear. KD and CDC in Ghw are not uncommonly seen.
  10. why not get the KD in black with PHW now, and then a CDC with GHW later?
  11. If I do not purchase this item, do you guys think that the SA will still notify me about new items? I feel like if I turn down the first ever hold she's given me, she might not think I am serious..?

    To be honest, the phw is about a 7/10 to me, and the ghw is about a 1000/10 for me. I don't mind having silver hardware at all, but I am not sure how it may look when I mix and match gold+silver harware. Of course, if I get the phw, its much easier to go to work with that (in the future with a office-job or something like that) as opposed to something like ghw because it looks less on the radar.

    Ohhh...this is such a hard decision! Maybe the deciding point is that I can't go during the two day reservation she has for me. She said she'll put it on hold for me for two days, so I am assuming today, and tomorrow which I will be busy tomorrow the entire day. So Maybe I'll give her a call and see if she'll be able to extend the reservation (which I am assuming she can't) and that would be my deciding factor?
  12. Tbh I don't think there is a problem with mixing gold and silver hardware. I remember I was buying some rings and mentioned that it would feel funny mixing but the SA (non-H) said that it is the "in" thing to do these days lol. And to be honest I wear a silver hardware watch with white gold rings and a gold pracelet on the other arm and I feel it's okay. Some friends where a silver hardware watch with a gold bracelet on the same arm and it looks fine also. Maybe the deciding factor is that you should go in with some gold jewellery and try it on and see how it feels. No one would know if it suits you better than you! :smile: In the end we should never be pressured to buy things that don't make our hearts sing!!
  13. I like this answer. Great suggestion. One with phw and the other with ghw.

    Personally I mix gold and wg or silver, I think it can look very nice.
  14. Personally I would wait for something that I really want. But to have a peace of mind, I'd suggest that you go and try it on yourself first. Wear your normal gold jewelleries and see how it looks.
    No harm in calling your SA and ask to extend the holding time. The worst she can say is no.
    But I hope she won't. :smile:
  15. What do you think about a black+gold H belt and wearing black+silver KD?

    Akk I am 2 hours away from calling my SA to let her know whether to get it or not. Such a hard decision..

    But I do like the idea because KDs are more of an experimental piece to me, whereas CDCs are my holy grail. Maybe if I get a KD and belt on my next visit, the chances of my SA trying to find a CDC would be higher?