OMG! I got my dream bag Leopard Stephen, Icon Mini Speedy, & Black Shawl

  1. I just got back from the LV Icon Event in Dallas at NM. I wanted to let everyone know that they have 3 mini icon bags left for sale for this event. I got the Speedy, & they have the Alma, Steamer, & one more in a tan color. They just have them for this event. There was one more leopard Stephen, and also a mono one. If anyone is interested in any of these my SA is Ezinne (Ask for Ezi). The phone # is 214-363-8311 EX. 2201. She is very nice & helpful. Tell her KathyD recommended her. I love all my items, & the bag is not so large after you get used to it. Here are the pics.
    S1 (2).jpg S4 (2).jpg S2 (3).jpg
  2. Wow, congrats! They all look gorgeous!
  3. CUTE!!! OMG, I love the little speedy and the Stephen is gorgeous!
  4. gorgeous, simply breath-taking Mrs. Kathy :heart:

    you look gorgeous and JUST like jessica simpson in the second picture (if that is a good thing XP)
  5. More pics:
    S5 (3).jpg S6 (2).jpg S7 (2).jpg

  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: All your items are stunning!!
  7. How much are the mini speedies?
  8. omg stunning indeed congrats :biggrin:
  9. Oh, wow, everything is beautiful! I looove the mini speedy, it is adorable! And the shawl looks great on you, Kathy!
  10. How is the mini speedy different than the mini sac HL? The new pieces look gorgeous on you, by the way!
  11. Ohh the mini speedy is adorable! Congrats on all your fab new purchases!
  12. Congrats!!:wlae:
    I especially :heart: the Leopard Stephen!! It is BEAUTIFUL!:love:
  13. Congrats on all your goodies, love the Leopard Stephen, so hot!!!!!
  14. You rock it!:yahoo:
  15. Those are some beautiful items KathyD...and you look great in all the pics ;)