OMG.....I got it....

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I finally got my dream bag and honestly:shame: , I'm a little overwhelmed:wtf: She is a Blue Jean JPG Birkin in Taurillon Clemence with Palladium Hardware and I love her!

    Thanks to Kou for your advice and help and a shout-out to Sandiaexchange, one of the nicest sellers ever :flowers: Thank you my fellow PFers for making me obsess for Hermès only!:wlae:

    Time for some pics! The color looks more bluish in the body shot (thanks to my harsh bathroom lights, LOL) so I also posted a pic in more subdued lighting with flash and without flash. :shame:
    JPG BJ.jpg JPG BJ2.jpg JPG BJ3.jpg
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    :yahoo: :tender: :party: :drinkup:
  3. Thanks gigi!!! I didn't think it was possible to be in love with a bag:nuts:
  4. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!


    She is Divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you Grands Fonds! :love: I am still a little in disbelief that I have her:shame:
  6. LOL! Oh Amkur, it is TOTALLY possible to be in love with a bag! She's a beauty!!! :heart: Blue Jean! :heart: Enjoy your JPG Birkin!!!:yahoo:
  7. Love love love it!!! CONGRATS!!!
  8. Way to GO!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I was eyeing that bag. Congratulations! Enjoy Her!! Your bag is BEAUTIFUL!!:yes:
  9. Thank you ETenebris and NHL!!

    gigi: I am truly a believer! LOL!
  10. I LOVE it!!! It's sooo pretty! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  11. Love your BJ Birkin and the chic! Enjoy!
    Love your scarf too!
  12. omg!!!!congratZZ!!!!
    it's my dream bag too!!!!
    Could you pm me where did u get it used or new and how much!!!
    ohhhh i share your happiness!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. SO STUNNUING!!Congratulations!!!!!What a beauty!!!:love: :upsidedown: :love:
  14. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Yay!! Congratulations!!!! It's stunning!!:wlae:
  15. Thank you purplekitty, lovehermes, Mshashmount, star, and Fesdu!! :flowers: