OMG - I got Hermified by the Herminator!

  1. Perja, Perja, Perja! Seriously Ladies, I'm going to start calling her the HERMINATOR! She has officially converted me, Cal, to Hermes. I was in Amsterdam today and boring my poor PHH with window shopping when I abandoned him on the street and popped into Hermes.

    It was still early and no shoppers in there so took the chance to talk to a wonderful SA about buying a bag. I looked at various but the one I kept going back to was the Birkin. The only one they had in stock was black croc with diamonds and cost a cool €115,000. I had to pass on that one :rolleyes: , but she said if I was interested then she could SO one for me. So I did! Black Togo with Palladium - 35cm! She was confident that it would be ok and said she would speak to me next year!

    So, hopefully, my order will go through and next year I'll be the proud mama of a beautiful, timeless bag! :wlae:
  2. Just don't cook around your Birkin and she'll be just fine!:P
  3. ^^^ LOLOL!!

    Congrats, Cal! That bag sounds perfect!
  4. Congrats Cal! A Black Togo 35cm w/PH was my first Birkin--it's still the one I use the most often--you just can't go wrong--great choice! Can't wait till it comes in!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Cal!!! I was right next to Perja when you called with the news! That's fantastic!! And so nice of your SA to suggest it, too. :yahoo:
  6. Congrats Cal i'm so thrilled for you!!
  7. Congrats ! You are very lucky to get to place an SO just like that !!

    It took me a year before I was allowed to place an SO :P
  8. Thanks Ladies, I'm very excited. I still don't know how to broach it with PHH, but I've figured I've got some time ntil I need to bring it up. he he he. Whilst I was in there PHH was standing outside with the 2 kiddies and pulling faces at me though the window - I pretended not to know who he was. Maybe I can sell him to pay for the bag?

    Bambi, the store in Amsterdam has only been open for a few months so maybe it's not peoples first destination for SO's. Although the SA said when they get Birkins in they go almost instantly.

    Hermesgroupie, I am absolutely going to keep this one out of the kitchen! Lol!

    I did think of working my way up to the Birkin, perhaps with another bag, but once the SA mentioned that I could SO it then I thought why not? I'm going to sneak up there in the next week or so to have a proper look.

    Thanks again Ladies!
  9. I'm so happy for you Cal, just stick to the original plan and you'll be okay!!! You might even get a call ahead of time to offer you one if it's available!
  10. Yay - congrats! That's awesome you got to SO just like that... (sigh... wishing I had an H boutique nearby)
  11. that is very very exciting.
    did they have kelly bags on the shelves?:graucho:
  12. tweetie, it's such great convenience to have one H store nearby but it also creates a circular problem > an addiction to visit the store very very regularly when an addiction to the H bags is bad enough in itself!:sweatdrop: :angel:

    Cal, welcome to the dark, dark side. There is absolutely no turning back! I think you will enjoy it here more than anywhere else on this board :supacool:

    Black Togo is a great everyday combo. :love:
  13. ^^This is EXCITING NEWs. Congrats, and HERMES is so ADDICTING!!:yahoo:

    Can't wait till you get that call. Just work on hubby....mention it once a month till he gets BRAINWASHED!!:nuts:
  14. Many condrats in getting a SO! Just an idea :idea: .... since your order was just placed (not too late to make additional requests), have you considered making it just that little more special by asking for white stiching? The craftmanship just pops out that little bit more... and white against black is so striking. Anyhow just a suggestion...
  15. Yay! You still have around a year to find a plan to deal with PHH. Not to worry girl, you'll find a plan, hehehe.

    A black togo 35 with ph sounds just delicious!