OMG! I got a Suhali!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I went to the SF union square Louis Vuitton store this afternoon and bought a Suhali PM in black AND a Suhali Le Fabuleux in black!!

    They didnt have the Le Fabuleux in stock so they're going to get it sent from another store and im gonna go pick it up on Saturday afternoon (I already paid for both of them today)! I can't wait!! they are both SO gorgeous!! :love:

    The store director also came out to help out with the process because the store's not supposed to do "transfers" since its holiday season but she said "dont worry.. i'll get it for you on saturday" and its the store director's word so I think I can believe that.. and I have her business card now! :yes:

    P.S. I mentioned about wanting to be on the waitlist for the mirror hearts and cosmetic case to my SA but she had no idea about it.. and I mentioned it to the store director as well but she had no idea either!! They both looked SO surprised but so eager to know more!! So I'm the first on the waiting list there! so I'm guaranteed to get it!! YAY!! I am so happy!! :yahoo:

    no more shopping for me for a while!! (except for the mirror pieces..) :girlsigh:
  2. Congrats! CANNOT wait to see pics!
  3. congratz i want to see pics !
  4. I won't be getting my bags till Saturday.. I can't wait!!
  5. Congrats! The suhali leathers are gorgeous!
  6. Congratsulations!! That is awesome!! I would LOVe Even ONe of those~!!!
  7. Congrats!! Double congrats for TWO georgeous suhali. Modelling pics pls??? Btw, do they have lockit in blue in store???
  8. yea i've seen the lockit in blue in the stores before.. its gorgeous too
  9. pics pics pics! congrats, you're so lucky!
  10. Was it like dark blue or kind of greenish blue??? Sorry I havent seen it IRL and dont do justice on the colour...
  11. its like a sky blue.. between dark and light blue.. if that makes sense.. its not greenish at all IMO..
  12. Thanks aznbaybee4u for the info. Hmmm cant decide between blue and black though. Dunno whether blue can pull off with everything... any advice???
  13. One last Q, can you put your new lockit on your shoulder?? Is it heavy??? OMG I'm so jeolous of you...LOL!
  14. Congrats, those are excellent choices!
  15. Congrats!!