OMG! I got a Paddy in Europe at Chloe store for cheap!!

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am in Monte Carlo for vacation and I stopped by the Chloe store here and snatched up a Paddy for only 1065 Euros! ($1400)

    As another bonus, not only do they not charge tax on it, but as a tourist traveling, I also receive a VAT tax refund that came out to 127 Euros, bringing the grand Paddy total to 938 Euros, which is about $1250!!

    I think they are selling them for $1540 at NM back home now, so with tax, I saved about $400 getting it here.

    This was a brand new Paddington bought at the Chloe store at Monto Carlo. I was super excited about this and wanted to give you ladies a heads up since I've seen questions asked about prices of Paddies in Europe.

    My first Chloe, I am in love!:heart:
    Here are a few pictures, what do you guys think?
    PADDY..JPG paddy2.JPG paddy3.JPG
  2. Woohoo :biggrin:
  3. Congrats thats a great deal and it looks amazing
  4. lucky, lucky.... I love a great deal!!!!Congrats on the bag, its really cute
  5. Love that paddy...Congrats!!
  6. Wow, gorgeous! And have a wonderful time!! :yes:
  7. Congrats, it's beautiful (is it creme?) so happy you got a Paddy you love :yahoo:
  8. that is absolutely delicious! congrats on the great "deal" as well!
  9. congrats! i love getting VAT back =)
  10. What a lovely souvenir!
  11. yep, the color is creme and although i know that's not the favorite of many PF'ers, i absolutely love it!

    it's a beautiful spring/summer color IMO. thanks for all the compliments ladies!;)
  12. Wow thats a great deal, on a great bag. The leather looks lovely and smooshy! Congrats! :girlsigh:
  13. Gorgeous!!! Congratulation!!
    :love: The leather is so smooshy..(cute cute cute...!!!)
  14. congrats! you paddy is gorgeous!! luv it
  15. So you say it is creme in colour, is that the 'official name' Chloe gives it?

    I think the colour is beautiful and I don't understand your saying it is not a favourite here as I see lots of similar colours lusted after - craie, blanc etc. Or are they totally different? Don't look like it to me, but I am a newbie to the Paddy... :shrugs: