OMG! i got 2 bags in one trip yesterday!

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  1. I went to the destin ,fl outlet yesterday and they had tons of great stuff!I got the only med legacy slim flap (sig kak/black leather) with LEGACY LINING! There was a women looking at it and she gave it back to the sales lady and the lady gave it to me!:yahoo:The others in the store were large size and no legacy lining....I got a red patent ergo hobo also! both for 198.00 plus tax!!!!!! I have wanted to red for a loooonnggg time but this was JUST the right price,they even have me a 10% coupon to use.I wish I knew how to post pics (i just cant) but if someone wants to post my pics I will e mail them to u and you can do it.:confused1: oh I almost got the burnt orange ergo pleated tote..they had orange,pink,black,patent black ,brown and purple.They were 180.00.
  2. When post on a thread click the go advanced below and click the paper clip icon to attached photos. Or seach posting photos and you'll get a ton of information. By the way congrats on your new bags.
  3. look forward to your nice pics.
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    ok when I try to post them it tells me it exceeds the limit....:tdown: no matter what I do its telling me it exceeds anyone willing to pot them for me?I want to share them so bad...lolI got the red patent for 69.00!WHAT A DEAL!
  5. Mine are usually too big as well, I usually use Paint to resize them.

    -Open your picture in Paint
    -Look at the toolbar then click on Image
    -then click on stretch/skrew
    -then change the percentages from 100 to 50 or 40 (I usually pick 40)
    -save to your desktop then try uploading them again

  6. Wow, I never find deals like that at my outlet!
  7. ooo i cant wait.... I wanna go to the outlets but im snowed in...Anyone with me??!
  8. i'M snowed in :sad:
  9. yeaa...congrats i see someone will be having a cute baby in 141 days.
  10. i have the red patent hobo. mine is the smaller one, it is a very nice bag

    oh yeah i just figured out how to post pics the other day! so you arent the only one :smile:
  11. Yay! I used to go to the Destin outlet when I lived in Fort Walton! What a great price for both, I wish we could see pictures!
  12. ok I know you guys will understand...I went over there with a girl I have known for years...she drove so I was like ok lets go.Well she is the type that has something negative to say about ANYTHING you like..well the whole time we were in coach she was on and on about how SHE wouldnt ever buy one of these ugly bags and she does not even carry a know on and on...well I buy my two bags and are very happy with them all the while listening to how the bags with the C's are sooo ugly and eewww well I got tired of it and took a low blow (i know I shouldnt have)she used to be really thin and she gained like 50 pounds so I just said "the good news is if I gain 50 pounds my bag still fits"! I just got fed up and wanted to shut her worked! :wlae: I did not hear another word about you have any friends that do this?
  13. ^^^ I will only go shopping with certain people because of this! My best friend Jillian is the BEST to shop with because we can tell each other the truth with out being negative. She helped me pick out my first coach bag!
  14. There are very few people that I go to the Coach stores with. I have a close friend that I do alot of outlet shopping with. She understands that you need to do at least 5 laps around the store before checking out. Doesn't mind spending an hour or two at the stores. Gets that you can never have too many coach bags!:tender:
  15. Go to, and upload your pics there. Then hover your mouse over the picture and then copy and paste the "img code" into the forum. Hope this helps! I really want to see your pics!