OMG!!! I go out back for 5 minutes and I miss Fed ex!!

  1. You have got to be kidding me??? I step outside my house in back for 5 minutes to clean up the kids toys and I missed the Fed Ex man who was delivering my scarves! :tdown:

    If my kids weren't napping right now I'd be in my car hunting him down in the neighborhood!

    Now I have to drag them with me to fed ex tonight or wait until tomorrow.

    ...pity party and rant are over now :smile:
  2. At least you have a fed-ex to go to! I will have staged a 5 day sit in this week waiting for my amarante as I do not have a fed-ex location :cursing:....I do understand your frustration...:yes:
  3. oh man ghost, that does stink....feeling better now :smile:. I'm going over to a friends house later to let the kids play and have plan is to sneak out while the kids are eating to grab the package.
  4. Ahh, that is so annoying! I am super impatient and totally understand the desire to chase down the Fedex driver to get your stuff!
  5. I hate when that happens!
  6. UGH....whenever I am expecting someone I leave a note on my door that says 'In basement ring doorbell" or 'In back yard...walk to your right and through gate' LOL
  7. I've even left one that said 'In shower....I'll pay you to wait!" LOL
  8. Dang! Should have thought of that one!

  9. You guys so just made me laugh!:lol:..Thanks I needed it!
  10. ugh..i do hate all of that!
  11. Awww.... I'm sooo sorry to hear abou this!!

    I would be kicking myself in the behind many times. :p
  12. twiggers oh jee things we'd do for bags hahaha. You're too funny. I literally LOL.

    lovetoshop: I hope you track down your package today! I totally understand the feeling of going to sleep thinking about LV. LOL.
  13. Love it!!:roflmfao:
  14. LMAO

  15. :heart: :heart: