OMG I found something in BF's closet!

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  1. I found my birthday present in BF's closet. I swear I was not snooping, but instead packing his bags for Palm Springs. I know I should not have opened the box but I could not help myself. He got me the cabby GM in black.

    I am so beyond excited, I have been lusting over this bag since it came out.
    What should I do?
  2. you are sooo nosy lol early congrats...
  3. Haha, I always find my presents in their hiding places. There's nothing you can do but wait!

    Congratz though!!!
  4. Lol how far till your birthday? Gah I dont know if I'd be able to hold that in - hope you dont have long till your birthday LOL - happy early Bday and grats!
  5. I'm telling! :p

    Yay... that's an awesome b-day pressie!
  6. Yay, congrats! Just wait for your birthday and please, act surprised when he gives it to you ;)
  7. my b-day is 9/22 an entire 11 days away. I put every thing back in place. I am hoping he will give it me early as we will be out of town on my actual b-day.
  8. ooooo. what a fab present. early congrats. i'd keep your snooping a secret until after you get the prezzy.... then admit. either way you will be extatic with your new bag and he will be happy that you love it.
  9. LOL! YOU SNEAKY THING!!! Congrats its my next bag, love the gm. Nice bf!!!
  10. Put it back and keep your mouth shut. He will be devasted. LUCKY GIRL!!!
  11. are you sure you werent snooping hhehehe. Congrats though just act surprised when you see it. Please keep is posted its sooo funny and cute .
  12. Aww.. now the surprise is over.. ><
  13. Try to pretend that it doesn't exist, and truly be suprised when the big reveal happens.
  14. OOO! So lucky!
  15. bad LVobsessed very naughty!

    That is going to kill you waiting but you must act surprised poor guy.
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