OMG, I found a new love: buttery SHIH bags!

  1. I was at Loehmann's the other day, shopping for bags as I usually do: by feel. I always feel the leather first, and then see who the designer is, etc. I felt something so soft, so I immediately picked it up, and it was a SHIH bag by Stephanie Lin. I had seen her bags mentioned on TPF, but I never saw one in person. Wow, are they nice! I picked up a Keira shoulder bag and a Keira tote. And they are lined in suede! What I like most is that they feel so good on my shoulder; I have narrow shoulders, so it's often a problem to find a bag that feels like it's not going to slip off. Any other SHIH fans out there?
  2. Post pics! Would love to see what you found!
  3. pics, pics, pics:yes:
  4. I have the Keira tote that I found at NR for a steal! I love it! It's so soft! However, mine isn't lined in suede -- it's lined in a magenta satin. Still really pretty -- but isn't that strange? Maybe mine is an older style. What color are the bags you picked up? Mine is a blonde/butter color.
  5. I like the tote - looks very functional but I can't get over the big round discs as hardware - for some reason they remind me of spider eyes & I can't get past it :hrmm:
  6. Does anyone know what the website is? I did a search but couldn't find it. I'm sure I've looked at it before - how mystifying!
  7. yes yes post pics!

    congrats on your find!
  8. the keira shoulder bag in black is my favorite!! great purchase :smile:
  9. I found that website very annoying!! I saw one whole bag and gave up. :sad:
  10. If it makes you feel better...I could not get that far :push:
  11. I couldn't agree more. Why don't retail sites understand that I want to see as much as possible as quickly as possible?!?! :confused1: