OMG... i found a craie paddy

  1. but for 900 GBP.. What is the world coming to? but it's totally mint!

    Should i go for it or what? thoughts on this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused1: :confused1:
  2. Babe its rediculously expensive :wtf: .

    Brand new bags are only going for retail now, they no longer go for over the odds. I know you loe this colour, and it is a rarer colour than some, but bottom line, its been used, IMO its far too expensive. Remember, some pale summer colours have just gone for 50% off!

    I know if you love it, you will go for it anyway ;) I personally wouldnt :smile:
  3. wow that IS really expensive for a used paddy especially. i mean, it sounds like you really want it, but just think about if it'll be worth it. you might find another one later on for a more reasonable price.
  4. Wow... D&G this is so hard for me to answer. I think that is A LOT for a used bag. If it was any other color my reaction would just be no... but I really adore Craie. :heart: You need to think about how much you want it. If it's #1 on your list and this bag is mint, I would go for it. If you like the color but have other bags you would like more , I wouldn't get it. You need to be happy with it, just think about it some more and go with your gut! :yes:
  5. Yea you ladies are right, way tooo much!! Even though they say *mint* it has to be used. Plus I have sable. I could be investing this money elsewhere... sometimes I get carried away!! Thank u!!
  6. ^ D & G..step away from the paddy...slowly........ROFLMAO!

    GIRL,you have more Chloes than all of us combined!!HEE!~hee!
  7. That is way too much money!!! There will be another one- I promise!!!
  8. LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I'd have to agree too, it's far too much money for a used bag, even if it is really in *mint* condition.:yes:
    Save your money hun, and go for something else, or keep your eyes peeled for a better deal.:flowers:
  9. So what would you say a reasonable price for a chloe bag would be?
  10. I got my preloved Rouge paddy for about 470 pounds (AUS$1200). This is one that has been used about 5 times as well.
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