OMG.. i finally got soemthing from the 75% SALE

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  1. Hey all, i finally managed ot get something from the SALE..and it was from the 75% off that end this weekend...:yahoo:

    here the story, i keep wanting to buy this bag adn boots for the longest time but did not get it when it was on 50% and then saw it on ebay but still too expensive... some of u might remmber me posting asking for yr opinion..;)

    i just got back from was a 3 hrs hr to get there and back by train so thta i can buy both items..its all thanks to a fellow tpf for the inof she posted that i was able to get it..

    its a long story adn if anyone is interested i can tell it later...:sweatdrop:


  2. More pics please!!
  3. OMG!!! What is it!?!?!?!
  4. Tell us the story - and show us the pics! :balloon:
  5. Show show... Yummy!!
  6. i try taking pics but it not turning out good since its night time...DAMN...i will try again tomoorw morning..sorry abt it and thxs for being patient:heart:

    here goes the story, i only found out thta PRADA was having a 75% last weekend on sunday after reading it on tpf..I LOVE peeps here..:heart:
    so i start calling and none of them have any bags or boots left...maybe they are lazy or just too busy to check..i did not wan to take a 2 hr r/t train ride to NYC and find out nothing was there and i was busy too.. i was so SAD the ale end on sunday:crybaby:

    on sunday night, one of the tpf post info abt some stuff from the sale and person to contact...but it was too late and stores have closed:crybaby:
    so today(monday), i called them the moment they opened and talk to the person. She said she have still both the bag and boots BUT only 50%.. so i asked if she can extend the 75% and she said have ot ask corporate office. i told her i live an hr away and would take the netx train down if she could asked corporate. she did and called back in 30 mins with good news that she could extend it BUT i have ot buy thme by today:P so i took 3 hrs off and rushed ot NYC and bought those :tup:it was the craziest thing i did for SALE item..

    so i learn today that it does not hurt to ask and always be nice...somettimes small miracel do happen..:yes::P

    also be patient as i have waited for these 2 items when thye were launched in fall/winter 2008
  7. ^That's so great of Prada to extend the sale to you - especially since you're so dedicated to take 3 hours of your time to get these items!! :choochoo:
  8. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics.:woohoo:
  9. #9 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    i managed to get pics but not as good as daylight pics...i wan ot share my joy with fellow PRADA addicts:P

    these are the pair of boots i bought...i would NEVER buy at the original price..:faint: cos SA told me LIMITED no. of them were ordered..

    I need yr opinion, will it get outdated too soon and can i wear it often? :confused1: i got it cos it was a great deal and also love it..btw, its black leather with black alligator sew on print

    p.s not sure if i shoudl psot the price i paid for..


  10. i bet u would do it too for 75% off...:P

    i was REALLY surprsied when asst manager called back and she she can do it..;) SA told me all those unsold item(Very very few) are being returned to warehouse and then to outlet. BUT not at 75% off...:sweatdrop:
  11. OMG - congrats! what a great story behind your new purchases. It really highlights the solidarity and spirit of camaraderie here in tPF. Love your boots! I can't wait for pics of your bag too!
  12. ITA and hugs n kisses to fellow tpf...:heart::tup: thsx for yr kind words..

    will the boots get outdated fast? can i wear it for along time?:confused1:
  13. heheh..thxs:tup::heart: what ya think..:confused1:
  14. finally got pics of the bag BUT still bad pics.. i will retake some tomoorw morning..

    i've been wanting this bag since last year when they laucnhed it 2008 fall/winter...this bag has the same print as the boots and its also black leather with black alligator print sewn on...:P

    what ya think? ;)

    p.s am i allowed to tell the sale price?


  15. congrats on the bag =) i know u've been wanting this for a long time. 75% off is even better than the price at saks for this bag. good thing u waited!