OMG! I finally found my AC City and what a great deal!

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  1. I had purchased an AC City from Luna Boston a while ago after hearing all the praises here about the AC City. However, when I got the bag I was dissapointed because the leather was thin and the bag just didn't feel very top quality. With the great return policy at LB, I returned it and exchanged it for a RM Matinee. (and started down the road of getting more RMs, but that's a side topic)

    Well, today, I was at South Coast Plaza and went into Calypso and saw a whoe bunch of AC totes on the sale table. They were already marked down and the SA told me now there's additional 30% off the price marked. I felt the leather and found most of them have the same thin leather that I didn't like except for the black one with gold trim. Later, I found the same bag at LB website.
    The leather on this bag is sooo nice and soft. The handles and straps are also longer than the original city so I can carry it on the shoulder with handle, with strap or cross body with strap. And the best part is with the 30% discount it is only $176. I just could not pass it up. And after seeing the retail price on LB of the bag, I am just over the moon with what a great deal I got. Plus my RM MAMin royal from the sample sale arrived today. Today is a great purse day for me.. :yahoo:
  2. Wow what a deal! I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either! It's gorgeous!
  3. Ooooo congrats! You will LOVE your AC City...I have one in butterscotch and I am totally in love with it!!

    Congrats on getting it for such a great deal too!
  4. Congratulations on a terrific bag and you got the deal of the century!!
  5. Thanks. I am glad that I can share my joy here with people who share love of handbags. Husband has no clue why I am in such a good mood.:confused1:
  6. Wow, congrats! I may need to take a little trip down to South Coast, hehe...what other colors did they have?
  7. Great deal but I';m confused, link is for $400+ bag
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse. The bag was already marked down from $485 to $244. Then I got another 30% off of $244 to buy it at around $170. When the SA told me the final price, I could not believe my ears. They also have the butterscotch with gold trim (I think LB also have it, it's called Metal City Tote. They have one more black with gold trim (the same as the one I bought) left. I also saw 5 regular City Tote in different colors (black, pewter etc, sorry bad memory). But they have the thinner leather which I didn't like. They were marked down to $199 on the tag. You would get another 30% off of that. If you are looking of a City Tote and live in S Cal, definitely go soon.
  9. Congratulations on your two new purses....

    I definitely think the leather on the black AC totes are the best out of all the colors. People have discussed the varying leather quality in past.

    Enjoy your new purchases!
  10. qqyoung - thanks for the tip on the sale at Calypso. I went tonight to see the AC in IRL. I tried it but it just wasn't the bag for me. I looked around on the sale table and they had a grey Gryson Jasper. I got it for $315. I have been wanting a Gryson for a longtime and the price was right. Thanks again.
  11. wow congratulations on the new purchases, post pictures!
  12. Will Claypso do a charge send? Do you have a phone #?? I'd love to get an AC for less than $200 - I've seen the bags IRL, but I just don't think it's a $400 bag (sorry all you AC fans) - I would totally spend $200 on it though. I'd love to call them in the morning to see if they can do a charge send
  13. Calibaggal, you are very welcome. I am glad you found something you want from the sale at Calypso.

    Iluvmybags, you should definitely try and give them a call. You can probably find their number by googling South Coast Plaza and find Calypso in the store directory. The price on the AC City is definitely great if you are looking for one. Good luck.

    I will try and post some photos of my new AC Metal City tomorrow. :smile:
  14. Based on qqyoung's awesome tip I called the store at South Coast yesterday to ask what colors they had (on sale), I didn't write them all down but I remember: metallic bronze, metallic gray, shiny black, and the metal one that qqyoung got.

    The store has several locations, here's the site:
  15. I'm going to call the South Plaza store, but I think you got lucky. I just talked to Kathy at the Chicago store and she said that the 30% off does NOT apply to sale items - if you got an addtl 30% off the sale price, you lucked out!

    The larger AC bags are on sale for $235 in Chicago - the medium sized bags are still full price ($435) but are 30% off. The bags that are marked down to $176 are the mini-totes