OMG...I feel so FREAKIN old today.....

  1. So my age 11...sniff.....who is like my buddy...sniff....went to new private school orientation.I was so incredibly nervous for her.She is starting a NEW private school...where she KNOWS NOT ONE KID THERE!!!LOL!
    I drop her off for a 2 hour luncheon...feeling kinda ill.

    I return to find a grown up looking preteen(In an ADORABLE JUICY outfit!LOL!)giggling with a bunch of girls her age and getting all their cell numbers.
    I literally stopped in my tracks.I couldnt move for a minute as I watched her.

    SeriOUsly.I cant figure out how my baby grew up and turned into such an amazing little woman.
    It was one of those serious mommy moments:crybaby:
    (ALL U moms KNOW what Im talking about.....) the first day of kindergarten when u need to wear dark sunglasses all day to hide your teary eyes.
    Im just so blown away.Time flies.where is my baby???LOLOLOL!
    Anyway,I just wanted to share because those baby days are gone and I hope all u mommies cherish the ones u still have.
    CUZ IT GOES BY WAY TOOOOOOOOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My grey hairs are on their way as we speak...HEEHEE!!!!!!!!!
    (especially when any boy DARE to date my daughter when shes...well...over 18 yrs old....ROFL!)
    Gosh..back to school days are some seriously reflective times...Arent they?
    (and yes...when the school bus pulls up at 7 am....Jill shall be wearing her sunnies....nothing changes here...LOL)
  2. Aww Jill, such a sweet post. Big hug :heart:! I remember your thread about skipping your trip to Italy so you could be with her when she started the new school - and here she is doing totally fine! I'm glad that she is thriving rather than not, though!
  3. Its so sad how time passes by so fast.
  4. Aww how sweet. She sounds like she's making friends and will have a good time there.
  5. verrrrry cute thread! .. :]

    good luck to your daughter! && i'm sure she's becoming a great young women [ with fabulous taste in fashion! .. already rockin' her juicy sweatsuit! ] hehe!

    you seem like a wonderful mom!
  6. Cute Thread.
  7. Today was my dd's first day of French Immersion Kindergarten. I was a mess. I know how fast it goes, so I totally am soaking it all in. Glad to hear your daughter's first day went so well, Jill!:girlsigh:
  8. ^OMG!Kindergarten seems like it was JUST yesterday!!!LOL!
    I bet u cried too????too sappy mommies.hehe!
  9. I'm a sappy auntie!! My first niece is almost 4, and the more time she wants to spend playing with other kids and acting like a preschooler, the more I look at her pictures when she was just a jolly, chubby baby:crybaby:.

    I miss the way she used to curl her arms around my neck when she wanted to take a nap. These are fun times-but I can't believe how fast she's grown up!
  10. OMG this post made me teary!
  11. awww your baby is growing up...this is such a cute thread =]
  12. Awww Jill I love your post, but she'll always be your baby :smile:
  13. I had to send DH to my son's first day at Kindergarten! AND...he attending all the Parent-Teacher conferences coz I didn't want to HEAR any criticism about MY BOY!

    Jill, I KNOW how it feels, my son just started high school and showing WAY too much independence for me!

    Good'll need it! It ONLY get's worse, especially the attitude!
  14. I did cry. I wanted to hold her hand, and she "shooed me off", all the sudden, my baby perhaps thinks I'm not cool?:sad: Like, what happened to my little girl? Thanks Jill for reminding us to really appreciate each day.
  15. talk about feeling old! My DSD (Dear Step Daughter) just started her senior year of high school! EEGADS! :nuts: how/what/when did that happen?? The last two weeks leading up to this has been about senior portraits, yearbook, varsity softball, homecoming, winter formal, prom, grad nite, oh, the giggles for her and the stress for me!! I'm freaking out here!

    I know it'll all be fun and good memories :heart:, but man, I feel so old --- I need to get to the hairdresser and get rid of this skunk patch in my hair just to feel younger again!

    Cherish those moments, even if you just tuck them away for yourself. Time goes by so quickly!