OMG!!! I Feel So CHEAP!!!!

  1. I think I'm losing my mind!! I've always had Cities!! I love Cities...but, alas, I just received my '05 Magenta Work and......I've discovered this is the PERFECT size for me!!! I've almost collected all the colours I want (for now! :graucho:) in Cities. Now, I have to start all over??!! What is this?? I didn't exactly fall OUT of love...I fell in MORE, when I look at my Cities...they look so....small and...I don't know....just NOT RIGHT!!!!

    Has this ever happened to anybody else!!?? I feel so, so, so.....fickle. :hrmm::confused1:

  2. This somewhat happened to me, too. I had 3 Citys then bought a PT. Oh, PT, where have you been all my life! :love: Now the Citys seem insufficient, even though I don't fill either up with stuff. Maggien, maybe it will pass, like an infatuation.
  3. I actually like different sizes of bags to go with my different moods ;). I must say though that I don't have any Cities. I'm small in stature so I've been on the side of the smaller purses - the 1st and I love the size so far.

    I know what you mean about being fickle minded though, since I'm like that w/ choosing from the Bbags colors. CONGRATS on your new Work. The Magenta is gorgeous!
  4. Totally, took awhile to figure out that my favorite size was the GH PT... like 10 bbags later.. hahah :push:
  5. i felt that way too until i got my work bag, and now those are the perfect size!
  6. I have a black GSH part time and a blueberry work, but I ways go back to my black city...sometimes you just need to rotate your bags around.
  7. It might also be the newness of your's hard not to fall in love with that bag. Report back in two weeks and let us know how you're feeling about cities.
  8. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!! When I first got into Bbags I only bought the city style. Then one day I bought a work on eBay~ funny thing was is that I thought I may have made a mistake buying a work!!!~ it wasn't at all!!! I have been in love with the work ever since!!! However~ I do like to switch bags often and if I only had all the same style bags I would get so bored so I try to have a variety of styles. You may want to hold on to one or two of your city bags~ you never know~ you may miss using this style in the future! (atleast keep just one!!!)
  9. Yes, and the '05s slouch so amazingly too on the Work and other bigger bags! I only have one Work now as I do love my Cities, but I am tempted to try the Part-Time on at Holt's sometime..soon...
    Where are your reveal photos of the new Magenta goody? Get ON it, woman!!!:woohoo:
  10. mmmm hello [insert toe-tapping emoticon here]

    Have we seen your 05 MAGENTA WORK!??!?!!

    Did I possible MISS that post?????


  11. I agree, the Work is a MUCH more versatile size. I also just received a RH Work and I always marvel at it's perfect size. The more I think about it, the City is actually quite small in comparison...Good luck with the change over! It would be totally worth it!!!
  12. I have always preferred the Work to the City. It's not AS big as people think. The size is soooo perfect and I like how it doesn't have that extra strap which can occasionally become annoying.
  13. I'm so happy I am not tempted with any kind of work style bag. I love my City- sometimes I think that bag is too big for my needs!
  14. Can the Work be worn on the shoulders?
  15. Maggien...don't you miss the shoulder strap? That's what drives me nuts w/the Work. If it had the shoulder strap, it would be a much more viable option for me. haven't used it in the winter with a bulky coat yet...maybe some of the blush will fade off the rose at that point. ;)