OMG I feel so bad poopy diaper!

  1. I am sitting here with my toddler (love the laptop and it's versatility!) and get up here and there to build some blocks, fill his water, sing some songs, but I didn't notice he had pooped! It wasn't stinky! Then, I see him grabbing at his backside and I check... yep, a dirty diaper.

    Well, I go to change him and he must have been in it for awhile (no more than an hour because I had changed him right after lunch), but he's RED and bleeding in a couple spots. He has SUCH sensitive skin and I could tell it HURT as I was cleaning it up. He was in hysterics. He just now went down for his nap, but I feel TERRIBLE I didn't realize he had gone. UGH!!! Poor little guy! Please tell me this happens to other parents!
  2. it happens to the best of us.. . . unfortunately!
  3. Awwww, sorry mamma!

    It happens to all of us - it happened to my daughter while we were on a long car ride...I didn't even notice she had pooped and she wasn't showing signs of being uncomfortable until I took her out of the carseat and she started crying :sad:
  4. yup... it happens...
  5. This hasnt happened to me yet. But now that I know its a possiblity, I'm going to check more often!
  6. Used to happen to my daughter. I felt so bad for her. Her skin is very sensitive.
  7. It's happened to us too!! I wiped his bum a little too hard and it got red afterwards. I'm very determined to get him squeaky clean... I took it too far of a notch that time. yikes.
  8. it happens to all of us!! when my daughter was a few months old she woke up one morning with poop and her bottom was bleeding in a few spots, and I felt absolutely AWFUL FOR HER! Luckily it clears up quickly! I washed her bottom with warm water and let her air dry, then I applied a thick coating of desitin creamy and she was fine! :yes: I'm sure your little guy will be fine too!
  9. It happens! My son had a poopy diaper for at least 1/2 hour, but I didn't smell anything and he wasn't showing signs of being uncomfortable at all until I decided it was kind of weird I hadn't changed his diaper in a while.
  10. this is a good tip. when the same thing happened to my children (red & sore bottoms from dirty diaper), my MIL suggested to stop using the baby wipes for the time being and use luke warm water & leave the bottoms exposed to dry completely (i towel dry their bottoms first though cause in the winter i'm worried about them getting cold). i also applied sudocream (a brand of antiseptic healing cream/diaper rash cream). it worked like a charm:yes:. hope your little one's bottom heals's no fun having a sore bottom (esp. with having to wear a diaper).
  11. Don´t beat yourself up!
  12. My baby shows absolutely no discomfort when he poops or pees, so it happens to me a lot! Especially when I have a cold or allergy and can't smell. He's never had a diaper rash or redness yet, so that's probably why it doesn't bother him. Silly guy. He sometimes cries when I change him... like he wants to keep the warm pee-pee diaper on!
  13. So sorry to hear that! It happened to our little one yesterday, in fact. He wasn't bleeding, but because he has sensitive skin, he poor little booty was red and irritated. Like you, his diaper had only been changed an hour previously. I don't think it's uncommon. Hopefully it won't happen too often, but if it does, just make the little one as comfortable as possible with lots of hugs!
  14. Yep, it's happened to me too.

    Like others have said lay off the wipes for a while and just use water and plenty of diaper rash cream.
  15. I think it happens to everyone!!!