OMG I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

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  1. Okay sooo after like MONTHs of lusting and troubles and not knowing what purse to buy, my mom and I finally took a trip down to Holt Renfrew with a loaded debit card. Soo I spent about 30 seconds glancing over the coaches before I decided that me and LV were meant to be.
    So we went to the LV place with the Pochette Accessories in mind. Soo they didnt have one upstairs so I took a look at the peforated one while the SA went and got it. It took a little while because there were like 5 other people and only one SA but that was okay, we looked through the catalogue.
    So he comes up and gets out the purse and I'm like holding it and it was sooo awesome.

    SO guess what I came home with. Pochette Accessories! My first LV and first designer purse :love::love::love::love:

    I'm in love I didn't let go of the bag the entire time we were driving home. And now I've unwrapped it and don't want to set it down or anything. Its made in Spain but I was expecting that so it doesnt really bother me.

    But I love love love it and thanks for all the help everyone gave me here.

    I took some pictures but they are with my webcam because we dont have a digital camera so they suck, but if anyone wants to see I'll post them.

    Wow sorry for ranting on and on but I'm soo happy :amuse:
  2. My pochette is made in spain too ! ;)

    Which Holt's did you go to, Bloor street ?
  3. So fantastic!! Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Nope, I live in Calgary. The one there is like 10 minutes away from my houssseeee. So convienient.
  5. Congrats!!! I love to share in someone elses happiness!
  6. Thanks!!
  7. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats! And YES! Please post pics wearing it. We can never have enough pics :biggrin:
  10. Yayy thank you!

    I am so afraid I am going to mess up the tiny bit of Vachetta with all my touching it :love:
  11. YAY!!! Enjoy the bag!!!:love:
  12. Oh yay! Getting your first LV is always a good feeling! Was it busy there today? I'mthinking of going down as well...and yes it is hard when you live ony minutes away! hehe

  13. Thanks everyone :biggrin:

    I'm not downtown much but it didn't seem to bad for me, we found awesome parking easily as well.

    Okay so excuse the crappy quality and my weird expression

    Here is me and my baby
  14. Congratulations! The first LV is so special! I got my first LV-stuff a week ago, and I know how wonderful that feeling is :smile:
  15. Fabulous - congrats on your new baby!;) :P