OMG I did Something Crazy

  1. A local salon in my town is having a makeover contest. It is at the end of July but I'm
    10 women are going to be "competing". Haircut, color, makeup and professional photo shoot. Must bring 2 changes of "fun funky" clothes and virgin uncolored hair.

    Soooo...I signed up!!! OMG!!! I have long hair, brown, wavy. I went in and they were drooling over what they could do with it! Even talking about giving my hair to "Locks of Love" for people going through chemo.

    I've spent 5 years growing out my hair...and I told them I still wanted to be able to put it in a small ponytail/pull it back and they said fine. I just wear it in a ponytail now (so easy for school)....but I've been contemplating doing something to it (I get bored about once every 5 years and do something drastic).

    Anyways....the local TV stations will be there and people get to vote on best makeover. Winner gets a year of free haircuts and coloring (incentive for me to actually do something with my hair!)

    But man I'm kinda wardrobe consists of 7s jeans, tshirts (from Grail/Juicy), Juicy sweats, JCrew polos, and such. No sexy heels (running shoes and flip flops...and 2 pairs of nice wedges).

    the only thing I got down is my accessories....I'm bringing 2 LV purses and wearing my Tiffany jewerly.

    Help ladies....what should I I dumb agreeing to cut off my hair!!!

  2. I'd wear a grail T and 7s w/ wedges... maybe also bring a trucker hat or a baseball cap just in case. I wonder what they are going to do to your hair. How long is it? I hope they do LONG layers on your hair.. that'll be a cute do. Hair length being able to pull back is like a couple of inches below the collar bone. I don't think you're dumb to get your hair chopped off.... If you don't like it you can always grow it back.. and besides you were just wearing it in a ponytail, so a little change is exciting!!! Let us know how it turns out. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks D&G! I was thinking of that as one of the outfits...and I have a great pair of BCBG gauchos I could pair with a lacy tank.
    As for my hair....right now it comes about 1/2 way down my back...but it's always in a pony tail!
    I'm so lazy when it comes to my I'm hoping this will give me the incentive I need to do something about it!
    I will definitely post whatever pics I can of the before/after!
    I've had every hair style imaginable...and hair color too lol and I got them to promise not to cut it too short (like a boy cut) because I hate that and it makes me look like a boy lol
  4. I know it's a major change for you since it took so long to grow your hair out, but I understand "Locks of Love" is a great organization that makes wigs for people going thru chemotherapy and that's a great contribution right there for giving up some of your hair to. So I commend you for that and you should be proud you agreed to participate.

    I hope you are the focus of the camera's and all lights will be on you!!;)
  5. Thank you!!! I do hope that if they are going to cut alot off that they do give it to a good cause! I've always thought about doing that when my hair gets long and just never hopefully a bunch of good things will come out of it :smile:

  6. That outfit sounds cute... My hair is also pretty long and I get sooo lazy too.. it's always up in a ponytail or pig tails or side ponytail... then i start thinking.. what's the point of having long hair if I just wear it that way... LOL Layers are always the best solution to that. That's sooooo exciting.. and you know the stylists have to be good if it's going to be in a magazine... :yes:
  7. Apparently they're giving me 2 stylists to work with! I'm really looking forward to it...kinda scared but still looking forward to it :smile:
  8. that's very kind of you...!!
    at least you know your hair won't be wasted!!
    i'm sure you'll look great!!!
    GOOD LUCK:biggrin:
  9. OOOOOh twiggers, probably a colorist and the hair cutter... it sounds so posh! I :heart: it
  10. oooooh how exciting!!!! oh to have virgin hair! the possiblities! :smile:

    good luck!!

    your outfits sound good (7s make everything better), but it also sounds like a good reason to do a little shopping! it is a makeover after all...what better reason for new outfits! :smile:
  11. OMG, that does sound exciting... i'm excited for u. :P
    I agree, the 7s jeans and a cute lacy top should do...
    I have a feeling that u will be the winner.:noworry:
  12. I have donated my hair 4 times in my life to locks-of-love. I am like you- I would grow it long but usually just wear it up! You will love the feeling of short hair and it is for such a good cause!!

    Will you be able to show us before and after pictures of your makeover??

    I can't think of an outfit right now, but this is so exciting for you!!!!
  13. Ooooh that sounds exciting, and who knows, change may be good !
  14. it sounds fun!! Locks of love is a great organization,I hav many friends who donated to them. I wish I could donate to them,but my hair grows super slow,and I have super tight curly hair so its impossible =(
  15. Thanks girls!!!!!
    I will definitely take a before picture the week before I get it done (it's not for another my hair will grow a little longer before then)...and hopefully they'll be able to give me copies of the photo shoot photos that I can use as "after" photos!

    Yea...I'm trying to get my hubby to buy me a Bbag...I mean every girl needs a new bag for a makeover right? lol Somehow my reasoning isn't working with him!

    I think it will be great having so many people 'fussing' over me. I never do this kind of thing for it'll be a fun day.
    I told my hubby he has to vote for me....even if the haircut turns out bad. he was so sweet, he said "'re the hottest girl in world...even if you were bald with a blue scalp" LOL (my thoughts: scalp means blue bbag lmao)