OMG I did it!!!

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  1. I just ordered the mono speedy 30 from lvUK - I can't believe it!:nuts: I think I may start hyperventilating........:blink: . I'm so excited!:biggrin:
  2. YAY! You'll love the Speedy. Congrats, I'm excited for you! :nuts:
  3. Welcome to the Speedy Club!!!
  4. Thanks Cristina! :biggrin: And congrats on your 2000th post, which you'll surely hit any second. ;)
  5. :biggrin: You'll love it. I got mine last year in NY. I use it all the time.
  6. Congrats!!!! Take a deep breath now ... lol
  7. lol - its so weird, I'm actually bouncing.

    Now I just have to make sure my dad isn't around when its delivered. :weird:
  8. I can completely relate except for insert husband for dad and that was me!!! I am so happy for you! I also love my speedy; I can't get over how much it holds!!
  9. Congratulations, and use it well!
  10. Hi - can I ask how much shipping cost to order from lvuk
  11. Congrats!!! I'm sure you'll love it! I can really understand how excited you are, I still have it with every bag I buy-enjoy!!
  12. Ooh! Congratulations! Please tell us all about it when you receive it.
  13. ^^^Kimmy

  14. ok thanks
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that's the one I want !! CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take pics for us when you get it !!!!
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