OMG I did it!!!


Shallow when needed!
Jan 16, 2006
After months of obsessing and stalking people on this forum :biggrin: , I DID IT!!! I called Cricket today and asked if they had in stock the silver City. I'm obsessed by the City AND by the silver color, even if it's a bit too shiny (but I'm a *very* bling bling person). They had one and... OMG I just bought it!!! Gosh one month of salary on a bag... but I could not go on obsessing like this! I feel very lightheaded right now :weird: !!!! And you are the only ones that can share my feelings!!!
Good for you! It's okay to spoil yourself every once in awhile.

The first time I spent that much money on a handbag was for my back City. I swear it took me so long to make the purchase, and then to reconcile the cost in my head? Talk about guilt!

But after you get over that, all of a sudden paying upwards of $1K for a bag doesn't seem expensive at all; in fact it seems reasonable and totally fine (wtf?!). I am now thinking that $1500 and up is insane and frivilous, but it won't be long until that changes with the rising prices of my favorite lines.
I'm so happy for you. Now take a deep breath. You will enjoy using that bag for years to come. This is why we work so hard, so that we can treat ourselves once in awhile. Enjoy your B-bag! Don't forget to post pics!
Congratulations on your new bag and on your thesis! You deserve a BIG treat after completing it! (I have two more years to go - I can totally understand your joy!!!)

Look forward to pics of the lovely bag!