OMG! I Cant wait, I have to to tell you! I scored an Indigo.....

  1. Twiggy!!!:nuts: S/S 05' I paid for it last night! I was going to wait until I got it to post pics. But the excitement is killing me! :lol: As soon as I get in on Mon. or Tues. I will post lots of pics!!
  2. How did you do that? I am so happy for you!!
  3. Yes, do tell us where you found it! Congrats! Looking forward to your pictures...when does she arrive?
  4. A very special PF member who I chat with alot, kept her eye open for me. She new about before the seller even listed it on e-bay. I e-mailed the seller, and BAM! She sold it to me!
  5. Im expecting it no later than Mon. or Tues.:biggrin:
  6. Congrats! I am so happy for you!!! Nice choice for your second B-bag.
  7. Congratulations, that's so exciting! Speaking for many, we can't wait until you post pictures!
  8. Oh wow - congrats! You wil love, love, love this one. The color, the leather, everything......... So happy for you!
  9. Congratulations. Love the twiggy and I bet it is gorgeous in this color. Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Yay! It sounds beautiful, post pictures :nuts: What a nice PF member (whoever she is!) to be on the lookout for you :amuse:
  11. Congrats!!! Ranskimmie!! I can't wait to see the pictures! I absolutely adore that color of blue too! I would be dying of excitement right now!!! :biggrin:
  12. Congratulations ranskimmie! I love the indigo color...can't wait to see your pics!
  13. Congrats, ranskimmie! Indigo is one of my favorite B bag colors, and the twiggy is such a fabulous shape!!!
  14. Oh cool! I love the indigo. And the twiggy too. Even more so than the city.
  15. That's great, congrats!! I love that the members here help each other out, it's wonderful :nuts:
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