OMG I can't breathe! The hotness is killing me!!!! **PICS**

  1. Let's just say the moment I saw this bag I needed it. Usually I have the battle within of why I don't need it and the feeling eventually passes. Not this time. No way. The minute I saw this bag in person it was pure love. I had to have it. Here's my new love:

    Coach Ergo large patent tote:


    Outside light:


    On me (wish the model was as hot as this bag lol)


    This may be the best bag I have ever owned. There is not one con I can list. It's truly great. Coach did good with this one it's been ages since I had the fever like this.
  2. :yahoo:Congratulations! I love new bag glee! It looks beautiful!
  3. I love it! I tried it on in my boutique today and had to wipe the drool off my chin. You look great!
  4. Congrats, your joy for your new bag just put a smile on my face, and well made me want something new to be overjoyed about ;)
  5. congrats on the new bag, it definitely is a beauty!!:drool:
  6. I LOVE it!!!!!! This bag is one of my absolute favourites!!!!!!! It looks fantastic on you!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone! It's just yummy isn't it?
  8. Whoo baby!! That's gorgeous!
  9. So glad I don't like the way the hobos look on me....otherwise I would be all over that bag!! It's gorgeous....congrats!!!!
  10. congrats, love the color.
  11. That bag is HOT, you know what ? it reminds me of my fav. treat....a strawberry fruit rollup...hmmm:drool:
  12. Gorgeous bag! You look great carrying it!
  13. wow that is stunning!
    and you need a bag that makes you hot!
    great purchase :smile:
  14. Ita natalieg. Someone toss me a fan lmao!
  15. o0o, yummy yummy yummy....

    Congrats! It's a beaut!