OMG... I can't believe what this scribble tote went for...

  1. That scribble print is VERY popular!!!! Great bag, to whoever got it!!!!
  2. I never get that lucky on eBay!:nogood:
  3. Anyone call JAX to see if it's still available there?? Just a thought...

  4. me neither :nogood:

    Maybe I should call to see if more are available.. I bought one last year and then sold it on eBay... and now I want it back for spring :push:

    I wonder what 2008 has to bring for scribble?
  5. Wow!! Thats crazy! I wish I got lucky like thay
  6. I love the scribble like! I hope they come out with them again.
  7. She even stated in the auction that she only paid that much for it!!!

    I had thought about selling my mineral Chelsea after one of those went on ebay a few months ago for like $800.. retailed for $450 or so...

  8. Someone was a little anxious for this bag.
  9. Dang! This makes me want to sell my scribble tote! It is the large well child multifunction tote/diaper bag with the detachable cross body strap!

    I wonder what my large one would go for, since the small one went for so much?

    Too bad I absolutely adore this bag. I could never let it go. I use it every spring as my laptop bag.
  10. I saw these at the outlet on clearance last summer. I almost bought one. I should have.
  11. Holy cow! :wtf:
  12. that was the bag my stepmom was bidding on for my birthday and then that person came in and sniped it :sad:
  13. I have that and bought it last year off of ebay for $168.00 I believe?!! Its an awesome tote and its not that small either!!! I should sell mine on ebay for that price!! But I LOVEEEE mine!! :smile: I just wiped mine off with baby wipes and it looks brand new!!