OMG i can't believe this.

  1. You guys gotta check this websitexxxxxxxx
    this is crazy, i can't believe these people are still walking in freedom! they shud be in jail for counterfeits! read the "Quality assurance & safe buying tips" part.

    OMG, i am so shocked rite now.

    is there anyone can do anything to shut that site and that organization down????????

    please don't post links to websites that sell illegal counterfeits, thanks!
    No need to give them free advertising!
  2. You can report them to LVMH.
  3. damn i wasnt trying to advertise, but this is serious stuff. there are like a LOT of these websites hanging around selling fakes! i think i might want to puke.
  4. oh i didnt see it.
  5. I understand, if you just Google Chanel or Louis Vuitton, you'll find zillions of them.
    But some people actually scome here hoping to find links to good fakes and I just can't let them find them here!
  6. ah, i see swanky. that makes sense. good moderation!
    can't lvmh help? did you contact them ?
    what about vero, like eBay has? is it just for eBay, or is it protection everywhere?
  7. You can contact those people who run ads in Harpers Baazar. They are in coaltion with the NYPD. That makes me want to puke seriously.
  8. Yeah, there's a lot of such websites.