omg! I can't believe the price increase

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  1. Hi everyone
    I was just informed that there will be a price increase on the classics and reissue. I saw the prices and I couldn't believe how insane it was. I can't remember all the prices but I did notice that each size is increasing around $1000 us.

    At that price point I would rather go for a hand crafted hermes
  2. Where did you get the Info from ?
  3. Apr. 15 is the price increase date in France, CF and reissue will increase by 15%, just for everyone's information.
  4. What is the date of the increase in the US?
  5. a $1000 ??really wow
    i have just been confirmed with my SA a large boy have went up form $4500 to 5200 already today so..
  6. $1000 in April for sure? OMG. I am heading to Rome at the beginning of May to get my first flap. I want to cry now.
  7. Oh my!!! that is not good news... erk!!! :sad:
  8. :nogood::faint::crybaby:
  9. Calm. Breathe. Channel your inner zen. We don't have any official confirmation of this date of April 15th, and in fact, most are saying May. The prices may or may not be this drastic (I tend to think not), so just relax until we have good solid intel. Remember, breathe! :smile:
  10. I am not sure about the real date but I was just looking at the reissue 226 and the SA told me the price increase coming up is a little crazy compared to before and he showed me the release in the fall collection with the prices underneath which is around 1000 dollars more. The 226 I was just looking at was around 5100 something and the one in the picture of the same size and style was 6100 something.

    When I saw the 226 I was a little disappointed because compared to the 227 my mom owns which she brought 4 years ago, the quality is definitely not worth it on the recent ones.

    I hope everyone can get their classic before the insane increase
  11. I believe the 226 will increase from $4900 to $5500, and the 227 will increase from $5300 to $6000, mirroring the increase amounts for the classic flaps. Prices before sales tax in the US.
  12. The fall collection is still a bit away. We are still in summer, and have pre-fall yet to come before fall. People have been saying the quality is not there since 2006 or 2007. It's nothing new.
  13. I just wanted a jumbo and was going to put myself on a wait list and now this is happening?
  14. If u r in the US and is looking for jumbo black caviar ghw, pm me. My Saks SA has one as of this evening for immediate purchase.
  15. There are stores like Hirshleifers who will let you order and lock in the price at today's prices. So that's not a worry. You can still get your bag without being on a long list and worrying if the price will go up. You simply pay 1/2 upon reservation and the other half (at the price the date you paid the 1/2, and you get sent your bag. Easy and no stress. :smile: