OMG. I cant believe my luck on ebay...

  1. YAY:yahoo:... As some of you know, I lucked out last night and got a beautiful Foresta Mamma Mia for $150. I was also bidding on an Inferno Zucca. I sold my Inferno Gioco and Inferno Bocce to have the funds for the Zucca. I was outbid in the last second, I was the second highest bidder. I was bummed but still happy about the Mamma Mia. Well today I checked the tokidoki on eBay and saw the moment another Inferno Zucca popped up. I BIN it. And in fact, I like the placement more then the one I lost last night and saved $50! I am so happy. I called DH and I guess when he heard me so happy, he didnt get mad. Of course he told me no Tutti this weekend but still, *do happy dance* :happydance:
  2. Wow, congratulations!! haha you have crazy eBay skilllzzzz!! :p
  3. congrats! you need to send some luck my way!:tup:
  4. Yay!! :yahoo: It's so cute!!
  5. Congratulations! And it's gorgeous, the placement is a lot like mine, just moved down a tad ^_^
  6. Thanks guys! I cant stop doing a happy :happydance:
  7. Congrats!
  8. aww! yay, happy story!! :wlae:
  9. Congrats! I saw that Inferno Zucca pop up and wondered how long until someone snatched it up. Glad it was someone from tPF!
  10. Great deal! Congrats!! =)
  11. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wooo Hooo!!!!!!! It's adorable! You're so lucky!!!!!!

    And congrats on the Foresta Mamma Mia!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. ohhh congrats Danelys!!! You scored on the MM and the zucca!! so awesome :woohoo:
  14. ;) cheap BIN! congrats
  15. Congrats! I'm so happy for you!