OMG!!! I can't believe it!!! the pale rose day bag

  1. hi all

    so not sure if you guys remember back in july the saga I had with my pale rose day bag turning a yeallow skin color :yucky: and how i took it back to NM and what a pain in the you know where that was
    here is the link to the thread

    ........WELL.......I was just looking on Ebay and check this out?????!!!!!
    eBay: BALENCIAGA PARIS LUXURY HANDBAG $1200.00 (item 200042176988 end time Nov-08-06 17:05:11 PST)

    OMG!!!! that is my bag!!!!! :wtf:
    what the f#@!?
    I would know my bag anywhere.
    Now tell me how did my bag leave NM and get in the hands of someone in AZ? I would think since NM took it back that they would have sent it back to Balenciaga or something.

    That is just soooooo strange!!!
    i feel like sending the seller an email asking where they bought the bag.
  2. Oh my. :wtf: That is strange. Send the seller an email... I would be wondering forever.
  3. someone PM'd me and told me that the seller buys returns from NM and resells them
  4. Hmm, I wonder how people are able to do that? Does NM authorize that? :confused1:
  5. i know i was wondering the same. I mean if they sold it to her cheap like less then $100 I would have bought it back and had it dyed another color
  6. ^ ....Right?!! Can anybody buy returns from NM or BalNY or Nordstrom? Does anyone know?
  7. I mean like for less than retail....:shame:
  8. I don't know I don't live in the US but have seen many times shoes or other on ebay that seemed to be returned items.
  9. Thats funny, I returned my Pale Pink City recently as much as I loved it because I had heard that it turns yellow also (My SA at Balny told me the same thing) I didnt even have my receipt for NM and they took it back. I asked if it gets sent back to the NM SF where I got it and she said it would get there eventually, but that she was gonna buy it. Then she got out here Nm card and had another SA ring her up! NM Newport Beach doesnt carry Bbags so she got way excited when she saw it.

    It broke my heart to return it, my leather was so nice. But I wasnt using it at all.
  10. Wow--I'm amazed you know for sure that it's your bag. Every now and then when I see a '05 Caramel City on ebay I wonder if it's mine. The only way I can tell is by looking at the handles (turned very dark) and a few "rubbing" marks on the seams.
  11. Yes, anyone can negotiate with a retail store to buy in bulk. I guess if you are willing to buy lots of cropola in addition to the occasional good stuff, they will work with you.

    I mean if you just go in threre and say could I buy this and that and one of those for below retail they probably won't since they have a whole list of people that buy the whole rack or whatever.

    evalueville made a killing with bloomingdale returns/overstocks - (they have a book)
  12. Yea I know it is my bag. I totally remember the backside of the bag. :yes:
    Wow i just didn't know NM did that. I wonder how much they paid for it?:confused1:
  13. i'm curious too! hmm..i hope it's not alot less than if the associate paid $400 or something. :Push: