OMG! I can't believe it 13,000 posts...........

  1. What a rollercoaster of fun, friends & (bag) fantasy!
    Drinking a toast to all the friends that I have made here:party:
  2. you post whore! lol congrats! :smile:
  3. girl, I told you you'd be catching up to me soon! Soon, you'll pass me!
  4. Thanks berlyn (I think LOL)

    Swanky, thanks but I have a long way to go to catch you LOL
  5. Wow. Congrats on your many many many many many many (well, you get the idea!) posts!

  6. Congratulations BagAngel. :heart:
  7. Congrats!!
  8. :woohoo:Congratulations!
  9. Congrats on all of your posts! Here's to 13K more!
  10. Fabulous! A toast for you!
  11. WOW!!
    u go girl!Always a pleasure postin with ya!
  12. Congrats!!
  13. wow, what a huge, ginormous milestone!! Congrats to you!
  14. Congrats, Roz!
  15. 13,000!!!! OMG Roz!!!

    Congrats! Here's to a bagillion more!