OMG I cant believe I missed this !!!

  1. look at this on eBay, i love this LV scarf and she got it for an amazing price. Nearly $65 for BOTH scarfes...WOW

    Item number: 270141668272
  2. :wtf:
  3. Wow!
  4. holy camoly.
  5. haha I was thinking all those things as I saw it
  6. Oh snap! That's a hella good deal!

    I wonder if the winner is a tPF'er? :search:
  7. They're lovely! And the seller isn't that far from me either. Whoever won got a great deal!
  8. OMG what a deal. congrats to the winner.
  9. i want my name as the winner haha, I wish I would have saw this great deal :cry:
  10. lucky goose
  11. wOw...what rock was I under?
  12. oh Darn! What a great price!
  13. I need to trawl eBay more LOL
  14. Omg great deal.