Omg... I can't believe I just got another bag. Is it Authentic?

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  1. Oh man, I'm so dead:wtf:! My hubby is going to kill me but it was too sweet of a deal. lol but he is really going to kill me. Because he just made me sell some of my tokis and I just got this... but come on, an Inferno Gioco for $145.00 including shipping? That is cheap compared how much inferno has been selling lately...

    Is it Authentic though? Thanks guys...
  2. looks good to me:biggrin::tup:
  3. I think someone said they ordered from vipfashions before, but I'm not sure if they're the one that uses stock photos. If there is any problem with it, they accept returns, and guarantee authenticity[per their words @the bottom]. But the pictured bag looks real. I recommend emailing them about whether that's the one you'll be receiving, because a store that had auctions looking like that at least used stock photos. Maybe it wasn't that store after all..
    Congrats on your new Inferno Gioco though :biggrin:
  4. congrats! inferno gioco for $140? :tup:

    i haven't bought from them but i've read they do sell authentic tokis.
  5. congrats! I was looking at it and noticed you bought it :smile: Yes its authentic to me :smile:..though you should ask her if thats exactly what youre getting :smile:
  6. vipfashions does not photograph exact items. They have said it is too time consuming to do so. You will get a random Inferno Gioco
  7. Thanks guys... LoL I always said that I was never going to get a Gioco but I think this is the closest I will ever get to something that looks like Inferno Zucca... Plus the placement is awesome.. I dont know how I'll explain this to the hubby but oh well, I dont care it's nearly Christmas.. yep thats what I am going to tell him. :p I hope it'll find it cute and just let it slide.. But yeah I am going to ask the seller if this is that want I am going to get. But I looked at their other auctions and all of them have the same background in the pictures so unless she steals all the pictures from an online store, then I think this is which one I'll get...
  8. Oh really? Oh boy. I am going to ask them to send me pics of the one I am going to get then.
  9. Let us know how it goes. I sent them a message on Saturday to ask if it was at all possible to see photos of the Spiaggia Stellinas they had... I have not gotten a response.
  10. Thanks QueenLouis for the heads up... I just wont pay unless I see a picture...
  11. Yeah, they definitely just take a photo of their "great placement" items to use as stock photos...
  12. I emailed them before to see pics of the actual item but they just replied that they do not do that. If I am unhappy with my purchase, I can always return the bag. That is one thing that kept me from buying from them.
  13. too bad, that gioco had really cute ipod girl! but you really cant go wrong w/ inferno, its all so cute :biggrin:
  14. Yeah it's a bummer but oh well... I have good feedback and dont mind getting a neg because I wont pay unless I see a picture of the bag... Maybe this is a good thing, I dont want hubby getting crossed at me again.. hehe.. I just need my toki fix and I still havent received my pirata bocce, that would calm me down a bit.. But now I am on the hunt for a Great Placement Denaro.:graucho:..
  15. Did they send you a pic yet? :graucho: