OMG, i can't believe I can still get 05' bordux office

  1. My SA just called me said the warehouse sent her a brand new 2005 Bordux office bag and she knew I want this color so bad. It just popped up from their warehouse to the store today.I am gonna to pick it up tomorrow.....yiha,,,,,:P
  2. Wow that is so cool. Was that Bal NY?
  3. YAY! i love the bordeaux! and in a work nonetheless! congrats, Chloe concord! please post pics as soon as she arrives!
  4. :amazed: so lucky! im actually being to like this colour! and I know theres one CITY for sale on Trade Me... so tempting!
  5. What is Trade Me?
  6. that's awesome! I dont think I have ever seen a bordeaux work!