OMG I cannot believe what my black on black glam tote just did

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  1. I was reading another member's thread this morning regarding a problem she had with the same type of bag. I first purchased this bag in October, and a few weeks after a huge section flaked off the bottom of the bag exposing the silver underneath. I swapped it out at coach. The hangtags with the sequins keep melting, so I have been through three of those since.

    And JUST NOW, when I picked up my glam tote to take it out with me, one of the straps RIPPED a quarter of the way down the bag. I am so fed up. I actually started tearing up. So now I am going to the Coach store to see if I can just put the money for this bag towards another one.

    I don't have any problems with any of my other Coach bags, including my other glam totes. Ugh.
  2. I do hope you can get a replacement of something that works for you better! :sad:
  3. Wow that is just aweful... You should return it and get another bag, this one is so not working...
  4. te black signature one has serious issues. the patent black is fantastic..definetly get something else
  5. Wow! That is horrible. I am curious to see it, do you have pictures?
  6. wow! I would be so angry.
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    oh i have been dieing to know what exactly do you mean your sequined tag is melting is it dripping something down the bag..that is the weirdest thing ever heard..I have 2 and nothing is coming out of them its just plastic..some sequins in one are a bit squished meaning not round but thats the process in making the tag otherwise its dry.
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    I feel a lot better now. I called up my Coach boutique (Oakbrook, IL) and the SA was super nice. She told me to bring it right in and she would give me full credit for the glam tote towards whatever bag I wanted.

    When I brought it in she apologized for the bag's behavior and I decided to get the pink sequin spotlight!

    To the person who asked me about the melting tags. Nothing drips down the bag---the tag itself doesn't melt. However the sequins inside keep melting and smearing together into one giant sequin.

    I did take a cell phone pic of the strap ripping, but I have to see if my bf can get it out of my phone (I don't know how to do that). I will post it then.
  9. Wow! Sequin melting and smearing into one? Definitely switching to another one is the choice.
  10. oh im so glad you got it taken care of the pink spotlight wow awesome ...and Im the one who asked about the melting in one giant sequin that is gross.. mine is pretty hard I guess some didn't set right and the insides were not heated properly. so glad this turned out well :O)
  11. Oh wow! I'm going to have to watch the sequins in my hangtag. I'm awfully glad they were so good to you!
  12. The sequins in my new season Glam Tote are doing the same thing! I think it's a chemical reaction with the polymer or whatever they use.
  13. I'm so sorry you had issues with your bag. I'm the one who had the issues with a defective bag that I had just brought home from the store. So far, this one is fine but I will be extra diligent so that if I end up with any issues I can bring it right back. I hope you love your new bag and it is issue free. Enjoy.
  14. Weird that everyone is having issues with thier Glams. Mine are still holding up. Maybe its the climate everyone lives in, like maybe if you live where its cold right now, the temp changes are effecting your bags?
  15. Interesting!! I have not used my tartan glam yet.. Yes post a pic if you could!!