OMG!! I cannot believe this!!

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  1. Well, let me start by saying I am very surprised to be typing this; I don't often contribute to the general threads, but I just feel the need! :nuts:

    I have always thought some of you were nutters, obsessing about bags, particularly the new alexa. Some of you who have met me know that actually I am not that much of a Mulberry fan (I know that sounds weird, but that is the case). However, today I went into HoF and they had an oak leopard alexa and I instantly fell in love and had to have one! All the way home, I could talk about nothing else to bf! I have never felt like this before about a bag - so now I am a nutter like all of you! :yahoo:

    Anyway, as soon as I got home, I hit the phone and I have reserved a pink and oak leopard regular alexa and tomorrow morning I am going to the store to decide which one I want. I have a shareholders card too, so at least it will be 20% off - I am telling myself that, to make it seem a bit easier on the wallet!

    OMG, I can hardly wait, I don't think I will sleep tonight!!
  2. Ha Ha Jazzy - welcome to the Madhouse!!
  3. Brilliant Jazzy - glad to see the Mulberry obsession has caught up with you. Can you let me know your thoughts on the Pink alexa as I really need one in my life (just have to convince DH!!!)
  4. That's too funny Jazzy, but I'm glad to hear it! Looking forward to your reveal. :graucho:
  5. You have been bitten by the Alexa bug too! No one is immune!
  6. oh congrats! nice to see your name in the main forum to!! you will love it!
  7. Hahaha Jazzy! I was so not expecting this, but i love it! You are one of us now :graucho: can't wait to hear which one you come home with.. and of course... a Jazzy reveal!!?!

    Hope you have lots of fun in store tomorrow and that you're not too tired after your sleepless night :lol:
  8. haha!!!!! You've finally succumbed to the madness!!!!!:nuts:
  9. Congrats Jazzy, let's hope it's the start of a beautiful romance!
  10. I am loving my OS oak leopard.....My H birkins have gone into retirement...way too heavy....Cant wait to see what comes home with you...!
  11. hahahaha oh my word that is so funny, just goes to show the madness catches up with us all eventually.
  12. You lot are nutters, I was right!! :lolots:

    Bf reckons I should get the oak but I'm not too sure; we shall see tomorrow. They are only holding them until 11.30am, due to their popularity!

    I seriously cannot believe I feel like this about a bag! I blame all of you!! :roflmfao:
  13. Wow, what a fab read.

    Which one do you think you will go for? Which one would go best with your wardrobe?

    Good luck deciding and I hope you manage to sleep well. Looking forward to your reveal.
  14. Jazzy, I know exactly where you are coming from. I fell in LOVE with Oak Leopard alexa the second I first tried it on. I actually think that is the BEST thing that Mulberry have ever done. It is stunning and would not surprise me if it actually stops the traffic, lol. Pink alexa is beautiful too (I have not seen one IRL). You will have an amazing time deciding between thm. Congrats and good luck with your tough decision! xx
  15. Jazzy just make sure you take the stuffing out and put your own stuff in as when being carried her shape changes quite a bit. Have a good walk around carrying her to make sure she is for you.