OMG...I broke my ban...bought my dream bag....

  1. OMG I'm so excited right now I am almost shaking.
    I just bought my dream bag...#1 on the birthday list, the LV list, the everything list.:yahoo: :yahoo: :nuts:
    This is the bag that was almost my first LV but I thought it was too I love big bags...and I've been kicking myself ever since!

    I broke the's my early bday present.
    She is used...but kept in mint condition and it was a heck of a deal!

    Here's a pic for now....once she arrives I'll be sure to take more...

  2. Congrats !!! :yes:
  3. I don't see a pic twigs. dying to know:nuts:
  4. Congrats! You gotta get the bag you've been wanting.

    Umm...your picture doesn't show up...?
  5. AWESOME!!
    Way to break the stooopid ban!!! Go twiggers.
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Oh I can't see it! I wanna know!!!!
  8. cant see it, show me please =D
  9. post pic again, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!
  10. Me too! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    What is it???

    Oh, congrats!!! What ever it is!
  11. DOh....the pic shows up on my screen....lemme try again
  12. Hopefully it works now.....

  13. LOL taco....bans suck...they're painful!
  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yeah for you! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  15. Thanks twinkle!
    I"m hoping she gets here before the weekend...otherwise it's going to be an excrutiating weekend waiting!
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