OMG, I bought two bags! See my reply re: colors

  1. See my reply, I asked for advice on color, GREAT responses, and OMG BOUGHT TWO! :nuts:Pale rose pink and lipstick red, both classic flap, lambskin. Pink a steal, red I paid for (but cheaper than Saks, I am sure). Private sellers, very good cond, all tags, etc,. authentic, I HOPE. Was I temporarily insane or did I make a good investment (with the dollar in the basement?) I am a WRECK! :hysteric:
  2. Hmm?? :huh:
  3. WOW Congrats! Pics soon, I'm so excited for you!!!
  4. oh wow that was fast! we would love to see pics!!
  5. congrats!can't wait for the pics
  6. Pics please! Congrats!
  7. Please post up pics~! Love to see them both.
  8. Will post pics as soon as I can. Still in sticker shock!:amazed:
  9. congrats on 2 great bags!
  10. Congratulations, Can't wait to see your piccies :biggrin:
  11. Pics are a must with these two colors, indulge us..
  12. Wow, pink and red sounds good!
  13. congratsss!
  14. *sobs* Please post pics of your red so I can jealously weep! :crybaby: I've been hunting for a red lambskin jumbo with the new chain and narrowly lost one on eBay. I'm still hurting. :sad: What sizes did you get? Congrats!
  15. eekkk! What great choices. I am in love with both colors, but am hoping to find them in caviar. I feel those are great investments- classic but far from boring. The colors seem happy :smile: Can't wait for pics!!