OMG I bought a non-LV bag-and broke my BAN:~S

  1. OMG I just won a orange chloe paddington (from a reputable seller that I confirmed w/ the fellow chloe experts)!! I'm excited yet kinda sad all at the same time. I'm a "brand loyalist" kinda girl and only own LV. Well the past months I've really evaluated my collection to determine what I like and dislike about each bag, # times used, verstality basically all the things a rationale non-bag horror would do before buying and I come to the conclusion that I number of my bags are too small, too bold, or just don't work for me, thus they are being re-located,WITH LOVE, to a new LOVING mommy (or DADDY). Anyhow, I thought my next quest would be the rather than go plop 10k down on the orange 30cm potiron for sale on ebay I made a list of what I want in a bag and compared the birkin to the list...hmmm it only met ONE qualification--icksnay the Birkin. Then I found the orange paddy- it's like the same color as the potiron (or so I was told by fellow members at and it meets what I'm looking for. I feel really guilty that LV couldn't meet my needs---I also broke my ban to buy a non-LV :crybaby::s. Have I wronged LV? What's an LV lovers opinion of a Chloe bag?

  2. Well, for myself, I like to own different brand of bags even though LV and Chanel are my favorite. So you didnt break the purse ban since you bought non-LV bag.:P
  3. Don't feel guilty at all! LV is my first love but I have enough love to go around for other bags... :graucho:
  4. Pics?
  5. i like a lot of brands and a lot of style. i only wish i can have them ALL. i think it is ok to buy another brand, many brands as long as you really love it. i only have LV small accessories which i think are soooo cute, but i go around to different brands and look around. it's hard when there's so much choice, but it is also fun at the same time. congrats on winning a bag you like a lot!
  6. As long as you love the bag, who cares the brand! Enjoy! I own several different brands! :yes:
  7. Congratulations on your purchase!

    If you wanted a colorful bag like orange, I totally understand branching out to a non-LV bag. I don't know what the Chloe Paddington looks like, but I am sure it is beautiful. I eventually want a red slouchy leather bag so I know I will eventually branch out too!
  8. I still have love for Coach!
  9. Chlöé's cool too! Plz post pix! :yes:
  10. I'm going thru this very thing right now. I'm extremely devoted to LV. All I wear and own are LV (except for 2 coach bags I bought prior to collecting LV like 6 yrs. ago). But.....I've been wanting a black shoulder bag. LV doesn't make one I like or that'll work for me. The Epi Bucket is cute..but a bit too small for me. :sad: I'm so torn as to what to buy/get cuz in the end I think..."it's not LV". :s

    I've been looking, :search: and researching other brands....but nothing seems to be "the one".(Like I said, to me...It's just not LV). It's so aggravating. I wish I wasn't this way...I'm desperately trying to get past this feeling and give other brands a chance. Lately, I've been looking and posting on other designer PF boards looking for "the one".

    Hmm...What designer brand do you all think is on the same level as LV??:confused1: Just curious...

  11. Well, Marc Jacobs is the creative director for LV and his own line is TDF! He has lots of black leather bags (I personally love the Stam and Stella). If you like the LV style you will probably like his style also.

    Good luck!
  12. Oh, buy whatever you like! :P Btw, congrats! :yahoo: Can't wait for pix too.
  13. Congrats! I've personally been eyeing Chloe, so I think it's a fab choice! Also, don't feel guilty. LV is number one in my heart, but I've been known to scope other brands (just recently I received a new dooney tote that I love, even though I know it's crazy that I like dooney and love LV!). I really want to branch out to and buy from other brands as well, but a part of me is still too scared (since I love LV too I've just been hoping that someone will give me a Coach or a Burberry, someday).
  14. dont feel bad...I too feel the need to be loyal to LV and my SA for some odd reason...but lately, there is nothing that I really want or need from LV at the I've been condsidering getting a Gucci or Chanel...I need to diversify my bag collection!!
  15. Hehe, just enjoy your bag! :yes: