OMG I been here over 5 hours!!!

  1. What is your record time spending on TPF over a day? This is SOOO addicting to me. Anyone feel the same?
  2. Im not sure...but I bet its over 4 hours.
    I cant help it, I :heart: this place lol.
  3. I think i have done an hour max but i am popping in and out all day so i must be on overall for ages!
  4. It's soooo addictive - but, hey, too many chores/work/kids/husband- so I only get a quick sneak a couple of times during the day.
  5. This is where I come when I'm bored at work or at home so I know i've spent hours on here.
  6. lol 7 hours Mon - Fri at work
  7. I'm mostly a 'pop in and out' kinda gal. LOL! When the house is quiet and I have nowhere to go, I can sit here for a couple of hours, easy. I try to check in several times a day - that is, if my day allows me.
  8. the morning I spend anywhere from 30-2 hours...and then I'm in and out all day long.
    Right now, since it's summer and I'm off school, I am spending wayyyyyyyy too much time here LOL
  9. I don't really spend a lot of time on all at once, but I'll come back and check it throughout the day which probably adds up to a lot. I'd say 2 hours max though.
  10. Hmm.. I would say max probably somewhere around 3 hours?
    But I pop in now and then throughout the day.
  11. I know same thing with me. Theres just so many interesting things to read and talk about!

  12. way too long, lol.

    if i can i'm here all day long, but popping in and out.
    today i logged in at 10 am and it's 9.15 pm now... :nuts:
  13. I'm here 24/7 and now I have a huge pot belly from sitting all day. :nogood:
  14. lol.....its addicting...
  15. I do both! I think I pry hit about the same (5 hours) one Saturday...that was what got me hooked! So now, I am in and out throughout the day...sometimes for a couple minutes, sometimes for a couple of hours! I asked DH to hook my laptop up to my eliptical machine! I'd be a sexy a$$ in no time!