Omg I am so sad....

  1. I saw this cute Paradiso Zucca on the stoptokidoki LJ and I commented that I wanted to buy it twice and for the seller to send me an email. After waiting around for a bit online I had to step out for a few minutes and when I came back she sold it that moment to someone else. But I wrote twice that for her to email me and that I wanted to buy it. She didnt post her email so I couldnt email her. This is so unfair because I was first to see it and first to say I would buy it. I am so sad now :crybaby:....
  2. i saw that.. i think it was wrong since you were the one who posted first, but i also saw that she replied saying she wasn't going to hold it if there were other interested buyers.. =/
  3. actually, it was more like an hour between your comments, not a few minutes =T
  4. :push: that kinda sucks... but ive seen paradiso zuccas pop up on eBay every now and then so hopefully you will find one soon ^__^; dont give up on looking for one!
  5. Yeah I was back within a few minutes and I put my speaker super loud to hear once I get the email. And she never emailed me, not once... I wrote my email twice and said I wanted it but she wasnt online when I said that. She could have emailed me the invoice... I am just so sad, pissed and bitter right now...
  6. yeah that sux monkey butt~ but don't worry.... it means that another paradiso zucca is waiting to be owned by u!!!! (and maybe even a better deal)
  7. i've noticed that a lot of lj sellers aren't really loyal to the first come first serve thing in terms of comments. they're more like first pay w/o them doing any follow up = winner

    but yeah i'm sure another one will pop up and it'll make u even happier!
  8. sorry to hear that!! i saw it too and it has a perty front..sushi boy n yellow monkey! isnt she the same person who sold her inferno zucca for $$$$? i hope can find a paradiso zucca soon...maybe :sneaky: lurkers who read this will post one up? :graucho:
  9. hehe I just have to say you are adorable... You just made me feel a little better...
  10. I wanted her denaro. There is a post on lj about someone wanting any paradiso bag with the sushi boy. If you look at her comments there are 2 other people selling their paradiso zuccas. Try contacting them you might luck out
  11. Did anyone see what she wrote to me? Is it me being too sensitive or is she being rude? this is what she wrote...

    "She emailed me stating she wanted it LONG before you had said you'd buy it. You asked me to hold it for you, you never asked me to invoice you, all you said is that you wanted it. A lot of people want it, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to pay for it! I told you I could not and would not hold it, if you would have said, "yes I will definitely take it, invoice me here", then I woulod understand your frustration, but you asked me to send more pics and I did, you still didn't respond right away, she emailed me long before you finally said you wanted to buy it. So, I really don't see what your deal is. She obviously DID want it because she bought it, right? I extended the offer to her first because she had been looking for one. She was the first one to post her email addy for an invoice here. You only asked me to hold it for you and I declined."

    I wrote back this...
    "I'm sorry but I didn't know about the emailing long before you putting it on LJ. And What I wrote was "Oh ok.. Could you please email me with more pictures? I want to buy it but could I see more pics of it first? my email is alellabona @ aol dot com... thanks so much!" I'm sorry I didn't make myself more clear in saying that I wanted to buy it. I should have been more specific, but I also thought that "I want to buy it" is pretty specific. But I also assumed you would send me the invoice since I wrote my email twice. And I only asked you to hold it was because I waited an hour online and you were off. I should have been more specific again but what I wrote was "I'm going out for a little bit and will be back online later tonight or tomorrow. Please hold the Zucca for me until then. Because I want to buy it. Oh but please email me more pics so I could see the sides and bottom... Thanks! :o)".. Whatever it's sold now but can you still not see what my "deal" is? "

    I know its sold now and everything but I think I have the right to be a bit pissed off and bitter of what just happened. I think its understandable, am I wrong? Because I see what she wrote kind of mean and rude. And that I am being difficult. Am I?
    She just deleted the listing... oh well..
  12. Thanks!:tup:
  13. this too shall pass:yes:, dealing with people is hard enough, but then add the emails and it can be hard to convey how you really feel on emails- we have all had this happen.

    you will get the bag of your dreams soon- keep the faith;)
  14. Thank you.. :tup:... Oh by the way, MANGOES IS THE BEST FRUIT IN THE WHOLE WORLD... I cant believe it some people dont like it.. I think its a mouthful of Sorry I am trying to be weird and cheer myself up...:p
  15. Think of it this way: you'll probably end up with a Paradiso Zucca where the whole experience leaves you happy. I saw at least 2 other people with them in the earlier post, and with sushi boy :biggrin: