OMG- I am so happy right now!

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  1. I am just so happy I could scream!:nuts:
    After years of looking and drooling I did it..


    I pulled the trigger on a new pelham "Jenita143 :heart:" returned on bluefly. This is the most i have ever spent on anything and my trigger hand was seriously shaking. I was able to find a coupon to make this deal even sweeter! I was clicking around to see which coupon went through and a 10% came up in the checkout. That brought the price down to 932.40 plus 11.95 for shipping equaling $944.35

    Plus my credit card company gives back 1% so $934.90. Great deal on a $1295 bag with no tax! $1401 with CA tax.

    Well my processing went through and i got a confirmation and when i looked at the discounts it stated "friends and family 20% off" instead of 10% promotion :wtf:. I called and they honored the email receipt and gave me an extra $103.60 off the purchase. At this point i am literally jumping and running around the room.:ps:

    The grand total of this bag is $840.75 - .01% cash back = $832.34! :faint:

    Hopefully the credits go through and everything works out well.:Push:

    :sunshine: <-- This is me!
  2. congrats, please post modelling pic when you get the bag :tup:
  3. Great deal! Congrats on your first designer bag :tup:
  4. Congrats on scoring just a good deal!! yaya.. modeling pics!! can't wait!
  5. congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. :wlae:Doing the happy dance for ya!
  7. Yes i will model! this is also my first modeling!! I am not sure if i want to do a reveal since it kinda already has been in another thread. Sadly my purse has not been shipped yet..
  8. congrats! Post a link to the bag and a modeling pic so we can all see it! I just bought my first "big" gucci and i lovei it! (indy)
  9. #9 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    Congrats! Congrats! Its a way better deal than i originally got. Enjoy her! It took me along time to decide whether to keep her but now i'm glad I did cuz you got it for an excellent deal!! :tender: All my bags were starting to look the same and now I have money for my guccissima.

    Oh! another note: if you have bank of america's credit card, you can go through their "Add It up" website and get another 7% call back from bluefly orders.
  10. Oh no i do not have BOA but that extra 7%:drool: would have been great!!

    I think i practically stole that bag from the deal i got. I guess i am going to have a good happy new year! it is also my year! year of the ox! yay!! :yahoo:

    Oh Jenita i think we have similar tastes.. I loved the jockey as well but her price tag was out of reach! Same with the new pelham. I drooled at your 1st post and wished i came across it back in dec.

    The main choices i was stalking was the new pelham, jockey and sukey. The sukey was so hard to track down since it is so new. And yes they all look the same :roflmfao: Actually the sukey is like the baby of the pelham and jockey!:sweatdrop:
  11. Awesome deal! Can't wait to see pics.
  12. I agree!! i love your taste! :graucho: I've been watching the sukey too but i still really like the general shape of the new pelham. i just had to many things in the same color (gg canvas with brown trim) so i want the pelham in guccissima. I actually got the jockey on sale at NM back during christmas for around $950 after tax ($8XX before) !! My SA there called every NM around and shipped it in for me free of charge. I wouldn't have been able to afford the $1495 price tag on her. Bluefly has this one now:

    so tempting but i'm trying to hold out for the one i really want! :P
  13. ooooo.. guccissima.. now i can not afford that yet in my life. but i am glad one of us can :yes: wow 950 for the jockey:Push:.. that would have been a hard choice for me if i were to pick which one if they were both available at the same time.. :sweatdrop: maybe in the distant future we can trade them :biggrin:

    i saw the new updates on bluefly this morning and yes you should hold out for the exact one you want! have you picked a color? i think a dark brown would be sexy.

    my bag is on her way! she will be here tomorrow!!:yahoo:

    btw i like smiles! they make a post so much happier :wtf::graucho:
  14. the chocolate guccissima is the one i'm holding out for. I can't afford her retail price right now so i either have to wait till i can afford it or hopefully until i can find her on sale somewhere. I can' wait till you get your purse! i'm just as excited as you!! LOL :yahoo: trading would definitely save me money in the long run. hee hee. especially since i feel the need for something new all the time. Here is my next goal:

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  15. Congrats! What a steal I cannot wait to see modeling pics