OMG i am so depressed now!

  1. after my previous thread about me and my expectations..

    I GOT FOOD POISONING! had to leave work at 3pm. cramps..body aching all over..couldnt walk said i hvnt been walking normal today..mild fever..

    but i was sick just 2 weeks ago! and i've only been in this company for 6 weeks!!!! :rant::censor::rant:

    i am so mad with myself!!
    stupid me i ate shrimp sashimi (raw) last night and didn't feel well when i went to sleep...i should have known!!!

    this is a really bad week :sad: ok, thanks for listening.
  2. Aw! I hope you feel better!:sad:

    It's okay, the 2nd week I was with my company I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled because they started to come in hard and strong. It was a huge pain and I missed a few days right off the bat. They understand. Considering they can see that you can't even walk straight.

    I hope you feel better!
  3. Feel better! I'm heading out for sushi now....I'll try to stay away from the shrimp :smile:
  4. Oh man bummer.............I know there's not much you can do but wait it out. Try some 7-Up and get some rest. Feel better!
  5. Awww...hope you feel better soon.
    Fodd poisoning is the worse, isn't it?
  6. Aww, im so sorry.. I got food poisoning from sushi before and to this day cant even look/smell or think about it!

    Feel better! gingerale and crackers help
  7. Yikes, I hope you feel better. Watch out if you're in SoCal..they issued a warning for eating local seafood..toxins in water from algae blooms off the coast..sorry I guess this info would have been better before you ate huh? Feel better soon!
  8. food poisoning is the worst. I hope you feel better soon!
  9. i am in socal :sad:
  10. I am sooo sorry! I hope you feel better soon
  11. Yuck! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!
  12. That really sucks! I hope you feel better. Don't worry, things will get better soon. Try not to stress about every little thing at one time. Reeellllaaaxxx. Keep your head up and take care.
  13. Food poisoning sucks so bad...good luck, hope you feel better soon.
  14. oh so sorry to hear that!! food poisoning is so draining and i think it's worse when it's from raw food!

    i hope you feel better soon.

    try not to worry about being out sick, the company will survive without you for a while (it took me awhile to not get nervous about taking a vacation or sick day and that the projects would continue if i left for awhile) and it's food poisoning not a headache. they'll understand!

  15. Feel better soon.