OMg, I am scared the color white!!! Plzz answer!

  1. I just got my signature stripe small hobo but I am so scared because like on the inside its white. The outside is gold and brown, which I love so much.

    Does anyone here have like the colour white on the inside? How do you clean it up like a pen mark or something? Also, is this bag nice or should I get something else? Would you like it if you bought it?

    Sorry, I'm kinda paranoid when I buy bags. :sad:
  2. Just depends on if you like it or not. I put my pens and make up in pouches so that they don't leak on my lining. If you aren't going to be happy with it, I'd get something else though!
  3. Ugh, why would they make a bag with white lining??!!
    I would put everything like pens and such in a cosmetic case or wristlet.