OMG I am Loving this!

  1. If you like patent I think it's a great colour and the whole bentley thing makes it a bit more unusual/ quirky. Do you love it?? I'm not loving the price!!!!
  2. I know the price is a bit much, it could do with being just a little bit more than the original bayswater, but its the colour I love. Wonder how long it would take the factory stores to get it ;) hee hee
  3. I saw this on the website and loved it, the grey is gorgeous. The extra £300 is a bit much though. If only I had the Bentley to match with...
  4. I love the colour but patent is not for me. It would be fabulous in glove leather in that colour & perhaps a better price!
  5. :biggrin: that would be cool also :biggrin:

    I think everyone will agree that the price is just too much, there is a post on here about an £800 purse, I hope Mulberry aren't gonna go crazy with prices this year.
  6. It's a beautiful grey - I really like it. Looks like a versatile colour, it would work with most other colours and outfits, I imagine.