OMG I am in love with my Ink

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  1. I got my Ink work from Cult status. OMG my Ink work is to die for:yahoo: :party: :party: :party: . I can't believe how lovely it is...even if it is veiny. I can totally see myself buying more bbags. I am in love!!!!! Now I can honestly understand how crazy my fellow tPFers feel about their bbag(s).

    I am touching and gently caressing my bag every 5 mins....:shame:

    I won't go astray and buy something next purchase is going to be bbag:tender:
  2. Congrats Yaya!! :yahoo: Are you in the US? Can I ask how the price compared buying from Cult Status? Was there any refund like the VAT refund and were you charged customs duties? TIA!
  3. ;) Congratulations on your first Balenciaga!!! You must share pictures!!! I can totally relate to the revelation, as my first b-bag was only purchased a few months ago, and it's so fun to finally see what all the fuss is about!!!!
  4. Congrats, I love Ink it's a wonderful color!
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations, aren't they just the softest , lightest bags ever? How can you not love them? Veiny can be handled, do 3-4 coats of Apple conditioner. They get dry and it makes the veins stand out. They are thirsty. If you love it now, wait until you give it some moisture. :yes:
  6. A big thank you to all the lovely replies....I will definately get some pics of my new baby as soon as I get home. At the moment I am in Australia but I am going home on Sunday. So it might take few days before I can post my pics :yes:

    It is going to be like introducing the latest addition of my family to my fellow tPFers!!! I can't stop touching my bag haha...its gorgeous. Now I am kicking myself for not getting the veiny Black city from Aloharag:hysteric: I don't really mind the veiny look now but then again, I haven't seen less veiny bbags IRL. I have seen 2 bbags in sydney and they are fake :throwup: Even a novice like me can tell they are not real.

    yay....I am officially a bbag owner club member :wlae:
  7. Welcome to the club,

    I love to see the pics of your new bag, i realy do love that colour. I can`t wait to see it. Maybe you have a small piggybank to buy also the black city from Aloha, they have great bags. And visa almost eats everything.:graucho:

    BYBY FX:heart:
  8. are so funny and cute. I have to check my hubby's "piggy bank" to get more bag this year. For ss07 season, I am planning to get black city and another color (I want too many, I still haven't decided which one I want) from Aloha rag. TPF is so addictive, before coming across this forum, I was never into bbags.

    hmmmm talk about Visa.......I am going to be in trouble coz hubby going see this month credit card statement...I am in trouble :sweatdrop:
  9. Hi YaYa,
    U paint a smile on my face with your reply.
    Everybody needs a black city bag. It go`s with everything say that to your hubby. Maybe one day he wil get into B-Bags also, show him my collectionpics on this side. And then U both can exchang your bags and you have more bag to chose in.

    Good Luck and who nows what Santa brings. FX:graucho:
  10. If its ok with you, how much was the Ink Work? coz am planning to buy one...

  11. YAYA... pictures PLEASE!!!

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: Congrats yaya!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Welcome to the Bbag club!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Congrats!!! It is a beautiful color. Part of me still misses my INK.
  14. Congrats on your new bag - love the ink colour!
  15. congrats, yaya!!! an ink is great for your first b-bag!
    here's to many more....
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