Omg I Am In Love W/ Tudors

  1. FINALLY! it comes out on DVD on netflix!
    I am so freaking in love with this show- Rhys-Meyers is SO HOT!

  2. I'm in love with it too! I just bought the dvds 3 days ago and I've already watched them all. I've gotten NO sleep lol :p

    He is hot, but Henry VIII is soooo unlikeable :s
  3. Does anyone know when it comes back on? This is a summer show right?
  4. ^ I don't have Showtime, so I honestly have no idea. I just wait for the dvds. Sorry, that was no help at all :shame:
  5. it comes back the beginning of feb i believe. i love this show too, i will be super sad when natalie dormer gets her head chopped off at the end of this season...she's so beautiful!